YVETTE M. YOUNG portrait
  • Graduate Student, College of Social and Behavioral Science
  • Graduate Teaching Asst (E), Sociology Department

Current Courses

Summer 2018

  • SOC 3741-090

Spring 2018

Courses I Teach

  • SOC 3435 - Sociology of Economic Development
    This course addresses economic growth and development by looking into the causes and processes behind the development and underdevelopment of "newly industrialized countries" and "less-developed countries." Social and economic factors associated with growth and their effects on society are discussed.
  • SOC 3436 - Global Social Structure
    Globalization plays a leading role in shaping the ever-changing global social structure. Global institutions are expanding (both in number and size) and growing increasingly complex. In this class we explore the process of globalization in order to better understand its meaning, temporality, and impacts on development, human wellbeing, and the environment and modern society in general.