Utah Lake Freeze Core
  • Curator of the Garrett Herbarium, Utah Museum of Natural History
  • Professor, Geography Department

Professional Service

  • Role: Scientific Steering Committee. Entity: LaACER Project understanding past climate change in tropical America Exploring millennial-scale climate variability over the last glacial period in tropical and subtropical America. 2012 - present
  • Salt Lake City Invasive Weed Control: Urban Habitat Group. 2009 - present
  • Entity: International Multiproxy Paleofire Database Co-Chair Co-Chair for IMPD, a NOAA sponsored program, assigned to solicit and manage fire history records from sedimentary archives. 2009 - present
  • Entity: Global Palaeofire Working Group Scientific Steering Committee and database management. 2006 - present

Internal Service

  • Superior Research Award selection committee. Evaluation And Selection Of Candidates, 2013 - present. service.
  • Global Change Ecosystem Center Steering Committee. College Of Social And Behavioral Science Representative, 2010 - 2011. service.


  • International Multiproxy Paleofire Database (IMPD), Co-Chair, 06/01/2010 - present
  • Global Palaeofire Working Grouop (GPWG), Scientific Steering Committee, 08/01/2008 - present

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