• Professor, College Of Law - Dean
  • Professor, College Of Law

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • LAW 7033-001
    Mindful Lawyering
    Location: LAW 4603 (LAW 4603)

Spring 2024

Courses I Teach

  • LAW 6100 - Criminal Law
    The substantive law of crimes, including general principles and the elements of specific offenses and defenses.
  • LAW 7033-1 - Mindful Lawyering
    In this course, students will practice mindfulness on a daily basis, and examine the relevance of this practice to the personal, interpersonal, and institutional aspects of lawyering.
  • LAW 7410 - Constitutional Law II
    Individual rights in constitutional law. Topics include equal protection and freedom of expression and religion.
  • LAW 7828 - Sexuality, Gender & Law
    This course examines how the law attempts to regulate sexual identity, sexual expression, and sexual behavior.