• Graduate Teaching Assist (TA), Health and Kinesiology


Hello everyone. *excitedly waves*   Gosh, what haven't I done yet is the question.. Kinda passionate about what I do...well let's see, I came from Florida with a passion for outdoors. Back in 2004 the intention was to visit for a weekend vacation. Currently, I am a resident and I am loving it here in Utah!  
Little bit about my exercise experience, Over all 14  years of gym exposure, 9 of which have been dedicated to personal training, assisting others in fitness & wellness, and improving my understanding of the body and it's function.
I teach a variety of classes. I specialize in Total Body, Muscle Balance Training, Core Training, overall Strength Training, and personal fitness and wellness for life.  
Graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Administration of Leisure and Recreational Services,  I hold other degrees in Exercise Sports Science. I have held a variety of certifications as well as experience within the fitness and outdoor industry. 
As a Utahan, I currently hold a NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification, Madd Dog Spinning® Certification, NASM senior, pre-natal & post-natal Optimal Performance Certifications, YOGAFIT® L1,L2,and Senior Certification, and currently I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Muscle Therapist  license in a specialized form of corrective muscle therapy called PUSH®.
During the winter weeks when not Instructing at the U,  one can find me up at Brighton Resort's Sliding Academy Teaching snowboarding lessons to all levels.  Or out on the slopes taking a few personal runs, rippin'up the pow-pow  *LOL :) !*
During the Summer weekends, one can find me enjoying a few red rocks of MOAB, moutain biking, climbing, hiking, or camping around the state. 
Like I said, I am passionate about what I do. 
Favorite sayings: "You can when you try." & "Don't try-DO!" & "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."
  • My goal as an instructor: "Help you understand so you can "do" & function in life." and "To assist people in getting confident in a gym or workout setting" and "To improve your overall fitness and wellness,and most of all, have fun doing it."
  • Favorite answer to Do you Love what you do?: "What could be better than being a Personal Trainer, Snowboard Instructor, and work as a Fitness Instructor at an awesome University in Utah, Yes.I. Do."
  • Affirmation & Transformation: I believe the body and mind are as powerful as you want them to be. Think green and health will over come your body, think blue and calm will surround your life, think yellow and energy will drive your daily function, think red and power will give you strength to move forward.
Look forward to seeing you in class.   

Certifications and Degrees

Utah LMT 

PUSH Therapy Practitioner & Muscle Correstive Specialist

National Academy of Sport Medicine:  CPT-CES, FNS, FBS, WLS, WFS, SFS.

Insanity & P90X certified