Kelly S. Bricker, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

The Upper Navua Conservation Area, Fiji
  • Director, Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  • Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation


Research Summary

My research interests center on sustainable tourism and impacts on communities and the environment. I have been funded to develop sustainable tourism guidelines for the tourism industry in North America; explore sustainable tourism certification programs in the USA; understand public land managers conceptualization of sustainable recreation; and study the impact of tourism on health and well-being of community members in small island nations (i.e., Fiji).

Research Statement

I am a sociologist and geographer with an interest in sustainable forms of tourism development, with a particular focus on nature-based tourism and socio-cultural tourism impacts. I approach these concepts from multi-disciplinary perspectives by incorporating into my investigations aspects of socio-cultural anthropology, geographical concepts of place attachment, and principles of ecology, outdoor recreation and natural resource management.

Research Keywords

  • Tourism impacts, Interest Level: 5
  • Tourism certification, Interest Level: 5
  • Sustainability, Interest Level: 5
  • Protected Areas and Sustainability, Interest Level: 5
  • Community health and well-being and tourism, Interest Level: 5

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • ARI California Polytechnic Grant: Outdoor Recreation and Quality of Life. PI: Kelly Bricker. Co-PI(s): William Hendricks, Jerusha Greenwood. 07/12/2012 - 08/31/2013.
  • California SCORP. PI: William Hendricks. Co-PI(s): Kelly Bricker, Jerusha Greenwood. 05/15/2012 - 05/15/2014.