A. OLA OPARA portrait
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geography Department

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • Inotec. 05/2012 - present. Employees: 8.
    Comments: I'm a Vice President at Inotec. With nearly a decade of experience, I direct the Bioprocess Development Laboratory, which focuses on testing and implementation of water treatment technologies in the mining industry. I have been actively involved in a development of an Electro-Biochemical Reactor technology, from bench- and pilot-scale tests to a full-scale implementation.

Courses I Teach

  • GEOG 3368/5368 | GEO 3368/5368 | ENVST 3368 - Energy Choices for the 21st Century
    This course will teach you what everyone should know about energy. We’ll start with energy concepts such as power, resources, and units, and then move on to a closer look at how we produce, transform, and consume energy in the U.S. We’ll explore how energy use contributes to environmental challenges, notably climate change. And we’ll assess alternatives, including nuclear, renewables and energy efficiency, to better understand their potentials and limitations.