• Associate Instructor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies


  • PhD, Communication, emphasis in Writing and Rhetoric, University of Utah. Project: GMO Labeling in the Public Sphere
  • MA, English, University of Chicago
  • BA, English, University of Utah


I’m a writing teacher with decades of experience in higher education, and a professional writer with decades of experience in publishing and technical communication. I’ve taught a variety of writing courses for lower-division, upper-division, and graduate-level students. I've taught courses in technical communication, professional writing, business writing, first-year writing, and first-year developmental writing. In my teaching assignments, I have demonstrated my abilities as a caring, conscientious, and responsive teacher and mentor.

I take a student-centered, humane approach to teaching. At the heart of my teaching philosophy is a dedication to student success. I strive to foster student success by creating a respectful and accommodating class environment; presenting students with a well-organized and well-paced sequence of materials, experiences, and assignments; and showing students that skillful, compassionate communication can enrich the entirety of their lives.

In addition to my academic credentials, I have gained entrepreneurial and publishing experience by founding, monetizing, and selling a website with extensive how-to content, as well as by producing travel, event, and lifestyle content for, a New York Times company. Moreover, I have substantial expertise as a freelancer in newspapers, journals, book publishing, and creating technical documentation for corporate clients. I’m an entrepreneur who has started three businesses and profitably sold two of them. My education, publishing, and entrepreneurial experience are interconnected and complementary.