• Doctor of Philosophy, Department of English: Rhetoric and Writing Studies, CDA, technical communications, University of Utah . Project: Wilderness and Wildlife in the American West: Confronting Rhetoric in the Mule Deer Debate
  • Master of Arts, Department of English: composition and rhetoric , Montana State University . Project: Burdens and Blessings: Heuristic Pedagogy for the Rhetorical Endeavor in Composition
  • Bachelor of Arts , Department of English: Ethnic, Minority, and Ecocritical Literatures, The Ohio State University


Dr. Joshua Lenart is an Associate Instructor with the Communication, Leadership, Ethics, and Research (CLEAR) Program at the University of Utah where he teaches technical communications for the Departments of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, a M.A. in English from Montana State University, and a B.A. in English from The Ohio State University. 
His research focuses on land management policy in two discrete areas. The first relates to civil infrastructure projects and landscape-scale impacts on habitat, community resilience, and long-term land use planning; the second involves the utilization, conservation, and management of consumptive wildlife resources. For the past five years, he has led various transdisciplinary teaching and research projects examining land, water, and wildlife resource management conflicts vis-à-vis policy, assessing stakeholder needs, resource analysis, adaption planning, and collective impact engagement.