Michael J Tanana portrait
  • Research Assistant Professor, College Of Social Work


  • B.A., Religion , Dartmouth College
  • M.Stat, Educational Psychology, University of Utah
  • Ph.D , Educational Psychology, University of Utah


Michael Tanana is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, the Chief Technology Officer for Lyssn.io.   Dr. Tanana’s research focuses on statistical analysis for psychology and public health, applied machine learning for the behavioral sciences, and cloud-based software engineering.   He has worked as a statistical consultant and methodologist to analyze real world implementations of interventions in psychology, child-welfare, criminal justice and neurology.   In the field of child-welfare, Dr. Tanana studies methods for quickly processing, analyzing and visualizing outcome data to agencies and providers for the purpose of system improvement.   His current University-based research involves applying advances in machine learning methodology to patient-provider interactions in mental health – particularly psychotherapy. Dr. Tanana received his B.A from Dartmouth College in 2004, his Masters in Statistics for Educational Psychology from the University of Utah in 2010 and his PhD in Educational Psychology in 2017.

Open Source Projects

Torch Implementation of Seq2Seq: