• Adjunct Instructor, College Of Nursing

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching for me has evolved over a 30 year career in clinical practice as a nurse midwife and women's health nurse practitioner.  I have precepted students clinically throughout my career and feel strongly about the need to synthesize didactic content and clinical practice.  I have worked extensively with vulnerable populations including inner city adolescent pregnant women, rural Appalachians, villagers in Guatemala, Afghanistan and Tibet, and now with vulnerable populations in Utah.  My focus over the past decade is directed toward teaching undergraduate students about population health, particularly health disparities among vulnerable populations.

Courses I Teach

  • N4215 - Community Health and Home Care Theory
    The purpose of this course is to prepare nursing students for active participation in an increasingly diverse public health care system. The ANA Code of Ethics and the Scope and Standards of Public Health Nursing Practice provide the ethical and clinical practice guidelines for analysis of public health and nursing-specific issues. The course provides an overview of the philosophy of public health and analyzes health care disparities, that exist in the United States between dominant and non-dominant vulnerable groups and populations.
  • N4225 - Community Health Clinical
    This clinical course affords opportunities to apply health promotion and management of care for populations, families, and individuals in a variety of public health, school health, occupational health, and community-based home care settings.