ERIN R SILVA portrait
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, City & Metropolitan Planning
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, School Of Architecture

Courses I Teach

  • ARCH 1610 - Introduction to Architecture
    Introduction to architectural theory and history.
  • ARCH 1611 - Introduction to Urban Planning
    Introduction to Urban Planning, historical planning theory,current sustainable planning practices.
  • CMP 4280 - Ecological Planning Workshop
    Major only. Using actual clients and real-world locations, students complete various phases of the comprehensive planning process and publish a final report. Students interact with local neighborhood community councils, local city administrations, planning departments, and historic landmark commissions to learn about the planning process at a local level. Students should plan to take this course the last semester before graduating.
  • CMP 4960-002 - Ecological Urban Design
    Ecological Urban Design: Cities and towns are three-dimensional human constructs within existing ecosystems. This course will offer a foundation for planning and urban design in harmony with their ecosystems and conducive to the thriving of all species. This course is open to all students from urban ecology, urban design, architecture, environmental studies and real estate development.
  • LEAP 1100 - Urban Ecology LEAP
    LEAP 1100 is the humanities portion of a two-semester sequence that forms the core of the LEAP experience. By using the urban environment as the setting, this course focuses on how concepts of community have developed and been implemented in the American experience, on how community membership is determined, and on the possibility, necessity, or desirability of building bridges between different kinds of communities in America. We examine the urban setting with a range of literary texts that offer racial, ethnic, class and gender perspectives on this issue. The course also emphasizes writing, critical reading, and the acquisition of library research skills.
  • LEAP 1101 - Urban Ecology LEAP
    LEAP 1101 is the social science portion of a two-semester sequence that forms the core of the LEAP experience. The course focuses on construction of social identity and definitions of community from a social science perspective within the context of urban ecology. In addition to acquiring library research skills, students work with the fundamental concepts, theories, and methods of analysis of the social sciences.

Teaching Projects

  • 2014 University Immersion Program (UIP) - Sichuan University - Chengdu China. Project Lead: Erin R Silva. Sichuan University, Chengdu, China 06/26/2014 - 07/13/2014.