Current Courses

Fall 2022

  • ARCH-6611
    Foundations Bldg Tech
  • ARCH-3611
    Found Bldg Tech

Spring 2022

Professional Organizations

  • 2015 - present. Position : Licensed Architect, Member.
  • 2005 - present. Position : International's Associate, Member.
  • 1997 - 2014. Position : Licensed Architect, Member.

Teaching Philosophy

Personality, subsidiarity, and solidarity play an important role in my position as a conscientious professional, researcher, and educator. Responsible, free, and creative thinking and acting people are the prerequisite for a successful, sustainable society, in which respectful cohabitation plays a key role. I reflect these principles in all my activities, including the way I teach. Students have talented and inquiring minds; they have to be guided towards critical thinking, questioning, and complex reasoning. They also have to be made aware of ethical and moral issues, including the importance of making a commitment that extends beyond their own self-interest—especially if they have decided to commit to the field of architecture, which brings with it a great responsibility to future generations. While my teaching includes important subject-specific material, I also emphasize broader learning skills and strategies that teach students how to untangle complex problems and how to learn responsible behavior. My professional and research interests have a significant impact on my work in the classroom setting. With my commitment to the synthesis of scholarship and design practice, I am able to demonstrate how stewardship of the built environment can be achieved, and how far its impact reaches beyond the actual field of origin, reinforcing the importance of a holistic point of view and an active involvement in the community at all levels. By coupling my specific focus on a well-designed sustainable built environment with my design interest and a global to local approach, I plant the seeds for many of my students to become successful in a very competitive job market.

Courses I Teach

  • ARCH-6611 - Foundations Bldg Tech
  • ARCH-3611 - Found Bldg Tech
  • ARCH-4872 - Bldg Tech Arch'l Des
  • ARCH-6960 - Special Topics
  • ARCH-6375 - Fndtns of Bldg Tech IIG
  • ARCH-6015 - Graduate Studio
  • ARCH-3375 - Fndtns of Bldg Tech II

Student Projects

  • Design Build Salt Lake City Parcel Study. Eric Blyth, Katja Lund, Mathew Meyers. 2016 - 2016

Teaching Projects

  • Design Build Salt Lake City. Project Lead: 2016 - 2018.