Amy M Sibul portrait
  • Associate Director for Curriculum & Scholarship, Bennion Center for Community Engagement

Current Courses

Spring 2022

  • BENN 5929-001
    Comm Engage Practicum
  • LLHG 923-001
    Pollinators and Their Habitat
    Location: UUCE 138 (UUCE 138)

Fall 2021

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching priority is helping students understand the value of science and how to apply their academic learning in a professional setting. I want every student to have access to hands-on, applied opportunities that enrich their educational experience and better prepare them to enter the professional world.

Courses I Teach

  • BIOL3470 - Conservation Biology
    This class explores the nature of rarity in the natural world, how human impacts influence rarity, and what actions we can take to reduce or reverse the negative impacts. This is a Community Engaged Learning class and fulfills the Applied Science Gen Ed requirement.
  • Biol4965 - Biology Independent Internship
    Enrolling in this course allows undergraduate biology majors to earn from 1-3 academic credits for successfully completing a biology-related internship or professional experience.

Teaching Projects

  • Community Engaged Learning Program. Project Lead: Amy Sibul. Office of the President, University of Utah 01/02/2012 - present.