Himanshu Mishra

Himanshu  Mishra
  • David Eccles Professor of Marketing, Marketing Department, University of Utah
  • Professor, Marketing Department, University of Utah



  • PhD 2006, Marketing, University of Iowa


Himanshu Mishra is David Eccles Professor of marketing at the University of Utah. He has a PhD in marketing from the University of Iowa. Himanshu likes to examine the factors that influence an individual’s judgments and decisions. These factors could help individual make informed decisions or they could lead to biases in their decisions. Himanshu’s research focuses primarily in the domains of behavioral decision theory, cognitive biases, and behavioral economics to gain insights into an individual’s decision making process. His research has implications for consumer decision making, managerial strategies, risk assessment, financial decision making, well-being, and consumption-related decisions.
Himanshu’s research has appeared in numerous leading journals of marketing and psychology such as the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Psychological Science, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes etc. His work has been featured in a variety of media outlets such as MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Scientific America, NPR, SmartMoney, CBS, The New York Times, Washington Post.

In the Media

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, University of Utah: 2006-2011

Associate Professor and David Eccles Fellow, University of Utah: 2011-2014

Professor of Marketing and David Eccles Professor: 2014-present