Dena Ned portrait
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), College Of Social Work
  • Director, Indigenous Social Work Scholars Program, College Of Social Work

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • SW 1010-090
    Soc Wk & Soc Welfare
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 1010-091
    Soc Wk & Soc Welfare
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 1010-290
    Soc Wk & Soc Welfare
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 1010-291
    Soc Wk & Soc Welfare
  • SW 4301-090
    Soc Wlfr Policy/Service
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 4301-290
    Soc Wlfr Policy/Service
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 6240-001
    Social Policies
    Location: SW 257 (SW 257)
  • SWC 300-090
    Soc. Welfare Institution
    Location: ONLN (Online)

Summer 2024

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • Council on Social Work Education . 01/2022 - present. Position : Member.
  • National Indian Child Welfare Association. 12/2016 - present. Position : Member.

Courses I Teach

  • SW 1010- 01, 90 - Intro to Social Work & Social Welfare
    This course provides an introduction to the history & development of the social work profession, as well as the development and role of social work in the social welfare institutional system. The course will examine the social work principles and values associated with working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • SW 4440 -01, -90 - Practice with Communities & Organizations
    Focuses on generalist social work practice with organizations and communities. Special emphasis on the role of social workers in empowerment of diverse populations and victims of social and economic injustice and institutional oppression. Includes content on practice/program evaluation.
  • SW 6140 - Community Based Strategies for Social Change
    In this course students examine, critique and develop skills and knowledge related to 1) social development and human rights, values and interventions, 2) social welfare skills applicable to interventions at the macro-social level, and 3) social work practice as social change aimed at enhancing the life chances and opportunities of all oppressed populations.
  • SW 6240 - Social Policies: Advocacy and Analysis for Justice
    This course develops social workers’ knowledge of social policies and programs that affect individuals and communities, with a focus on federal and state provisioning to support impoverished and marginalized populations. Students examine various phases of policy development, and practice skills related to advocacy and policy analysis.
  • SW4301 01, -90 - Social Welfare Policy and Service
    Examines political and legislative processes that influence the development of social policy and services. Emphasis is on policy analysis skills at the agency and societal level.
  • SW4401 -01, -90 - Social Work Research and Evaluation
    Strengthens students’ capacity to use scientific and analytic approach to knowledge building. Includes knowledge, skills, and values needed to be an effective consumer of research as well as to evaluate one’s social work practice. Covers qualitative and quantitative research methods, use of appropriate technological systems to analyze, store, and retrieve information. Fulfills upper division QI requirement.
  • SW4950 - Undergraduate Research
    Independent Study requires pre-authorization from Professor and BSW Program Advisor

Narrative of Historical Trauma

Panel Moderator at the 6th Annual Indian Child Welfare Conference-- 40 Years of ICWA in Utah - Past, Present, and Future, Midway, Utah, August 2018.

“Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.” Presentation and organization during University of Utah’s Women’s Week, College of Social Work, March 2016.

“Unspoken.” Lecture and Moderator for UEN Community Outreach Project, Weber State University, Ogden, UT, November 2015.

“Historical Trauma: How Traumatic Experience is Revealed in Indigenous and Aboriginal Communities.” Presentation at the Global Awareness Society International 24th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 2015.

“Spirituality and Resiliency with American Indians.”  Panelist presentation at the Harvard Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery Training Program, Porano, Italy, October 2014.

“Kind Hearted Woman: Violence Against Women & Children in Indian Country.” Panel for KUED Community Outreach at UMOCA, Salt Lake City, November 2012.

“Urban Perspectives.” Presentation at the United States Commission on Civil Rights Community Forum on Civil Rights Issues Affecting American Indians in Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, December 2006.