Robert J. Sylvester, MS, APRN, CPNP portrait
  • Instructor (Clinical), College Of Nursing


  • BS, Nursing, Westminster College
  • MS, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner , University of Colorado
  • DNP, Nursing, University of Colorado


I am currently an Instructor at the College of Nursing and a full-time Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I am one of the instructors for Pediatric Assessment, Common Pediatric Problems, and Complex Pediatric Problems. A little about my education: Graduated from Westminster College in 2009 with my BS-Nursing, graduated from the University of Colorado with my MS-PNP in 2013, and currently working on my DNP at the University of Colorado. I work at Wasatch Pediatrics (St. Marks Office) and volunteer every third Wednesday morning at the Maliheh Free Clinic. In the primary care world my special interests are obesity and nutrition, mental health, pulmonary disease, and helping to educate families on common childhood issues and well being.