ARWEN A. FULLER, PhD portrait
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • KINES 3091-001
    Exercise Physiology
    Location: CTIHB 101 (CTIHB 101)
  • KINES 3091-090
    Exercise Physiology
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • KINES 3670-001
    PA Epidemiology
    Location: HPR N 238 (HPR N 238)
  • KINES 4670-002
    Aging and Exercise
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • KINES 4921-002
    Peer Tutoring
  • KINES 4999-008
    Honors Thesis/Project
  • KINES 5830-005
    Journal Readings
  • KINES 6910-005
    Masters Internship
  • KINES 7830-009
    Journal Readings
  • KINES 7930-011
    Doctoral Internship
  • KINES 7954-005
    Prac. Eff. Tch. Doc.

Summer 2021

Spring 2021

Professional Organizations

  • American College of Sports Medicine. 08/01/1997 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal as a teacher, which is to facilitate student learning, requires that I must first learn from my students.  Before I can assist in their discovery and comprehension of a new concept, I must first discover how they learn and what they already know.  In practical terms, this requires that I facilitate learning by demonstrating a variety of connections between what a student already knows and what they are attempting to learn.  I have found that this approach fosters learner independence by generating student self-confidence and self-efficacy; which, in turn, can promote a sense of ownership and pride about a student’s learning experience.  Teaching students is a privilege.  The task of teaching at the college level is an opportunity to engage students and demonstrate the value of being curious, working hard, and having integrity.