Research Summary

I am broadly interested in psychosocial health and well-being in high-level athletes. Within this realm, my research has two foci: (1) resilience and adversarial growth to sport stressors for high-level athletes, and (2) body image and disordered body change behaviors in high-level athletes. I have employed both quantitative and qualitative methods to answer questions in each area.


  • Ph.D., Exercise and Sport Science (Psychosocial Aspects of Sport), University of Utah. Project: Stress-Related Growth in Collegiate Athletes: A Mixed-Methods Investigation
  • M.S., Sport Studies, Miami University (OH). Project: "Bouncing Back" From Adversity: An Examination of Resilience in High-Level Athletes
  • B.A., Psychology, Sacramento State University
  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant ®️(CMPC), N/A, N/A
  • Higher Education Teaching Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, University of Utah


I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at the U, and in this role teach undergraduate and graduate courses on health behavior change, sport psychology, body image, community-based prevention, and stress management. My research interests focus on the psychosocial health and well-being of competitive athletes, with particular interests in the areas of body image, disordered eating, resilience, and personal growth from adversity. Since 2008 I have published more than 15 scholarly journal articles and delivered over 20 presentations in these areas.