APRIL M LOVE portrait
  • Associate Librarian, Marriott Library

Research Keywords

  • information literacy
  • Research processes and data management in science, technology, and engineering
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Health Disparities


  • Love, A.M. & Mirfakhrai, M. (2021, May 21). The Role and Importance of the Subject Specialist in the Pac-12 Libraries. There were 33 attendees. Our study is unique and long overdue, the investigation of the role and importance of the subject specialist in academic libraries. We focused on the Pac-12 university libraries which can be considered to be a representative sample of nationwide academic libraries. Though there are 12 libraries in our study, there is a wide variety among these libraries with respect to the hiring requirements for MLIS, MLIS and an additional subject master’s degree, with all of these professionals functioning in different capacities. This investigation has the possibility of promoting greater awareness for the future role of subject specialists in academic libraries. Presentation, Presented, 05/21/2021.
  • Love, A.M. & Mowdood, A. (2017, March 13). Welcome to your library: Resources & services for the integrative health practitioner and client. 6th Annual Utah Integrative Health and Resiliency Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Conference Paper, Presented, 03/13/2017.
  • 2016 5th Annual Utah Integrative Health and Resiliency Conference: The Evidence, The Experience, The Application. March 14-15, 2016, J. Willard Marriott Library. "Researching and Accessing Resilience Resources and Services." A collaborative presentation among Erica Lake, Associate Librarian, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library. Associate Director, Hope Fox Eccles Health Library. April Love, Associate Librarian, Faculty Services Librarian, Marriott Library. Alfred Mowdood, Librarian & Adjunct Assistant Professor in Exercise and Sport Science, Head of Faculty Services, Marriott Library. Presentation: March 15, 2016. Presentation, Presented, 03/2016.
  • 2016--Utah Library Association Annual Conference--May 4, 2016--A 3 hour preconference: "The Empowered Manager/Employee." In collaboration with Mohammad Mirfakhrai, we are working together to present an experiential workshop to empower library employees to create a positive workplace where they become more engaged in their working environment and interaction with patrons and other library staff. Presentation, Accepted, 12/04/2015.

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • The Role and Importance of the Subject Specialist in the Pac-12 Libraries. PI: April M. Love. Co-PI(s): Mohammad Mirfakhrai. 03/01/2018 - present.


  • French, basic.
  • German, functional.
  • Russian, basic.
  • Spanish, functional.