RYAN E SMITH portrait
  • Director, Coll Of Architect & Plan-Dean, Integrated Technology in Architecture
  • Associate Professor, School Of Architecture
  • Associate Dean of Research & Community Engagement College of Architecture + Planning

Current Courses

Spring 2018

  • ARCH 6370-002
    Advanced Tech Const
    Location: M LI 1715 (Marriott Library)

Teaching Philosophy

Smith teaches in the areas of materials and process of design to construction, sustainability of materials, digital means that facilitate design to construction, sustainability quantification, prefabrication and building technology ~ studio integrative pedagogy.  His approach is student led - creating a collaborative research partnership between student and teacher to ask timely technology related questions in architecture and formulate informed scholarly questions.

Teaching Projects

  • MSAS Technology Track Curriculum Development. Project Lead: Ryan Smith. Collaborators: Robert Young, Paul McMullin. Oldcastle Building Envelope 08/2014 - 08/2015. Total Budget: $12,000.00.

Professional Education

  • Prefab Wood. Day long workshop educating construction professional on advanced in wood prefabrication technologies. Class type: Lecture. 03/17/2015 - present.
  • TimberLink. Dissemination of research on racking calc and closed panel solutions for construction. Number of hours: 3. Class type: Lecture. 08/2013 - present.
  • Wood+. Dissemination of applied research on modified timber and engineered wood systems. Number of hours: 3. Class type: Lecture. 05/2013 - present.
  • NO GLUE SOLID TIMBER. Dissemination of applied research in solid timber technical viability work. Number of hours: 6. Class type: Lecture. 02/2013 - present.