Cameron Profile


  • B.A., Music, University of Utah
  • B.A., Speech Communication, University of Utah
  • M.S.Ed., Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University


I consider myself both an educator and artist. I believe these two titles go hand in hand. From a young age, I was involved in music and theatre. It shaped who I am and how I see the world around me. I went on to study music in college, but like so many students, I struggled in my first years. I overcame these challenges by getting involved and talking with mentors. I found my own voice after becoming more active in community service, social justice, and helping other students as an orientation leader. These experiences inspired my passion for education and helped me finish my degree in music and communication. Now as an advisor and instructor, I strive to help students harness their full potential. I believe education is an art. It is different for everyone, as we are all complex, unique individuals. My advising philosophy mirrors the concepts of student development theory. Learning is a holistic process that involves not only our intellectual development, but our social and identity development. 

Research Summary

Areas of research include: Internship Development, First-Year Student Success, Career and Professional Development, Associations in Higher Education and Student Affairs