Mollie R. Cummins, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI

Curriculum Vitae

  • Associate Professor, College Of Nursing
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Biomedical Informatics Resrch
  • Presidential Scholar
  • Associate Dean for Research and the PhD Program, College Of Nursing


Current Courses

Fall 2017

  • NURS 6950-012 Independent Study
  • NURS 6980-003 Faculty Consultation
  • NURS 7100-009 Research Practicum
  • NURS 7980-024 Faculty Consultation

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Teaching Philosophy

I design coursework to meet specific and practical learning objectives through a variety of teaching methods. I believe problem solving and active learning lead to the best learning outcomes, and so I mix student-led activities and practical, problem-based learning exercises with lecture content. My courses typically involve at least one group assignment or activity because real-world informatics projects require interdisciplinary teamwork. I enjoy teaching online, and my preference to design courses with a mix of online asynchronous learning and synchronous, in-person class meetings.

Courses I Teach

  • N6004 - Intro to Information & Information Technology.
    Introductory graduate course in information management focusing on the theoretical basis of information and technology with an emphasis on management and processing of clinical data, information, and knowledge. The emphasis of this course is on the use of information and technology in health care and nursing practice. Structured data and processes are addressed. Information technologies use in nursing practice are explored. Issues that impact clinical practice and administrative decision are explore
  • NURS 6802/ BMI 6300 - Clinical Decision Support/ Medical Decision Making.
    Decision-making theories and strategies related to clinical reasoning discussed. Methods of computer support for different reasoning strategies in clinical settings presented.
  • NURS 6805 - Seminar Practicum in Clinical Informatics.
    This course focuses on the integration of informatics course content into an informatics experience in a work setting. The goal of the course is to provide synthesis of informatics course content, requisite competencies and actual role expectations. The experience is designed to help students transition into the workplace and prepare them future informatics positions.
  • NURS 6815 - Clinical/ Nursing Informatics Practicum.
    Synthesis experience in organizations and agencies with ongoing clinical information activities. Integration of clinical informatics content, skills, and role expectation in a clinical informatics environment is emphasized. Laboratory sessions provide an opportunity for analysis of and reflection on clinical experiences.
  • NURS 6817 - Knowledge Discovery in Databases.
    This course emphasizes health care applications and issues of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) at an introductory level. The entire KDD process is explored, including creation of target data sets, pre-processing, data mining, pattern interpretation and evaluation, corresponding with the Fayyad model of the KDD process. Lecture and practical exercises survey data mining methods for classification, prediction, rule induction, clustering, and attribute sub-set selection. Later in the course, emphasis shifts to critical analysis of KDD applications in health care.