• Clinical Director, University Balance and Mobility Clinic, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
  • Assistant Professor (Clinical), Physical Therapy & Athletic Training

Current Courses

Summer 2024

  • PH TH 7260-001
    Mgmt in Geriatrics
  • PH TH 7260-045
    Mgmt in Geriatrics

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • American Physical Therapy Association. 05/1993 - present. Position : Member.

Practice History

  • Clinic Director and Physical Therapist at the University Balance and Mobility Clinic. Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric and Women’s Health Physical Therapy. Chief clinical interests are Parkinson's disease, male and female pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, balance evaluation and training and vestibular rehabilitation. This clinic is a small faculty practice within the academic Department of Physical Therapy. 03/2004 - present .
  • Intermountain Health Care Rehabilitation Services. IHC Hearing and Balance Center. Physical therapist at a multi-specialty clinic focusing on vestibular rehabilitation and balance treatment. 02/2002 - present .
  • Alta Therapies. Brighton Gardens. Rehabilitation director and physical therapist. Geriatric physical therapy. 04/2000 - present .
  • Intermountain Health Care Rehabilitation Services. Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation director. 07/1998 - present .
  • Utah Vencor Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers. Physical therapist and pelvic floor rehabilitation director. Geriatric physical therapy and pelvic floor muscle physical therapy. 11/1995 - present .
  • Intermountain Health Care Rehabilitation Services. Cottonwood Hospital. Acute care physical therapy. 01/1995 - present .
  • Mountain Land Rehabilitation, Inc. Outpatient, Geriatric and Home Health physical therapy. 06/1994 - present .

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching the next generation of physical therapists is a great opportunity and a tremendous responsibility.  In my lectures, I strive to combine clinical experience and evidence based practice.  I respect students and endeavor to create a supportive, positive learning environment.  My primary objective is to facilitate and motivate students to learn so that they can integrate and apply their knowledge in the clinical setting. 

Courses I Teach

  • Ph Th 7260--001 - Management in Geriatrics
    The focus of this course is to introduce the role of the physical therapist as an agent for promoting, maintaining, and restoring function, independence, and self-care of older adults through the use of personal, family, professional, and community resources. A significant component of this course will be within the service learning model.
  • Ph Th 7330-001 - PT Topics 2: Men's and Women's Heatlh and Wellness
    Physical therapists in the United States have been treating men and women with pelvic floor muscle disorders for over 30 years. Physiotherapists in other nations also provide these services. Doctor of Physical Therapy graduates should understand common men’s and women’s health issues and corresponding physical therapy interventions. Physical therapists should know when to refer clients to the appropriate providers for evaluation and treatment.
  • Ph Th 7930-014 - Doctoral Seminar III
    This course provides students an opportunity to apply the principles presented in Ph Th 6090. Students will lead a seminar of at least 20 minutes in the area of pelvic floor muscle physical therapy.