• Master of Science, UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH
  • Doctor of Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-SAN D

Research Summary

Reichler’s research is focused on the atmospheric circulation and how the circulation changes due to natural and human influences. This contributes to better predictions of weather and climate for the benefit of society.


Thomas Reichler earned his Ph.D. in oceanography in 2003 from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego. He then spent his postdoc time at Princeton University before he started his appointment as professor in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah in 2004. Reichler is a theoretical atmospheric scientist whose research focuses on the large-scale circulation of the atmosphere. Topics of note are the poleward expansion of the general circulation under global warming, the evaluation of climate models and optimizing climate change predictions, and the role of the stratosphere for tropospheric weather and climate. In his research, Reichler mostly conducts and analyzes numerical simulations of the atmosphere and compares the simulations with observations. Reichler has authored about 50 peer-reviewed publications, has served on various panels and committees for NSF, NOAA, NASA and DOE, and is currently Associate Editor for the Journal of Climate of the American Meteorological Society.