• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Writing and Rhetoric Studies


  • “Writing Interfaces / Interruptions.” with Chris Scheidler and Tobias Lee. Writing Research Across Borders 2023, Trondheim, Norway, Feb. 2023. In this roundtable, my colleagues and I explored the mediating role of interfaces and their impact on multiliterate lives. Speaking from a digital humanities perspective, Galloway (2012) defines the interface as “a two-dimensional plane with meaning embedded in it or delivered through it” (30). We would like to expand this definition. Interfaces take the form of not only computer screens, ATM kiosks, and phone keypads, but also abstract concepts and practices. Understood this way, interfaces take many forms and act as the border between many disparate systems (e.g. user to website, keyboard to computer to website, reader to writer’s externalized cognition, etc.). We discussed the role of interfaces in the changing literacy practices of individuals, in mediating bodies of knowledge, and in mediating global work. Spanning across three continents of research, we brought attention to interfaces, in their many interactions, as a critical turn of global research. My portion of the roundtable was titled, "Writing Interfaces / Interruptions: Semiotic Perspectives.". Conference Paper, Presented, 02/20/2023.


  • Japanese, fluent.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Japan


  • Joe Franklin & Emily Yuko Cousins (2023). (En) countering Monolingualism: A Transnational Sensemaking of Graduate Education. University Press of Colorado. Published, 04/01/2023.