Professional Service

  • National Association of Teachers of Singing. Role: Judge. Judge for Northern Utah NATS Competition. I was also responsible for providing a meal and snacks for the judges. 03/19/2022 - 03/19/2022
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing. Role: Judge. Judge for Northern Utah NATS competition 2/29. 02/29/2020 - 02/29/2020
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing. Role: Judge. Judge for Northern Utah NATS competition . 03/23/2019 - 03/23/2019
  • U. of U. School of Music. -I participated in the Faculty Review process for 3 faculty members. -I represented the voice faculty with Kirstin Chavez at the Nancy Marriott luncheon, to thank her for her generosity to the School of Music-10/8 -I recorded three songs on the voice faculty cd made as a gift for donors-9/1 -I represented the School of Music at Ariel Bybee's funeral-3/30 -I judged for the NATS competition-3/18 -I hosted composer Timothy Powell in my home when he came to see his performance of "Dear Appalachia" with SLCA-2/24 -I served on a neighborhood humanitarian aid activities committee, and organized a food packing project that packed 30,000 meals to be sent abroad-6/28, and a neighborhood free meal and fun day-8/18 -As listed in the Research category, I volunteer musically in many different ways in our community. -I attend faculty and voice area meetings, auditions for the voice degrees, auditions for the operas, juries at the end of each semester, the opera performances, faculty lectures and recitals, student recitals, guest master classes, etc. to support my colleagues and our students. -I sent 3 of my private high school students to audition at the U., and they are now all freshman vocal performance majors. 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing. Role: Judging several categories of the Northern Utah NATS vocal competition. Adudicator. 03/11/2017 - 03/11/2017

Internal Service

  • Advisor for the Michie Undergraduate Vocal Quartet. I meet with them weekly to rehearse and plan their concerts, take care of programs, and make arrangements for them to perform. They gave two holiday concerts in December. I attend voice area and opera auditions, serve on review committees, and recruit students for the voice area by giving free sample lessons to prospective students, as well as sending my home studio students to audition at the U. Several are voice majors now, and more will be auditioning this year. I allow pedagogy students to observe my lessons. I attend the Voice Hour every week, as well as other masterclasses and performances that my colleagues present. 01/01/2022 - 12/31/2022. Department service.
  • I attend auditions for Voice Area admissions and scholarship assignments, opera casting and juries, as well as full faculty and voice area meetings, and participate in faculty reviews and graduate committees. I send my home studio private students to audition at the U., and have 3 auditioning this year and several past students currently attending. I support and attend voice masterclasses and performances that my colleagues organize. I give free sample lessons to prospective University students. 01/01/2021 - 12/31/2021. Department service.
  • I have attended and ranked Voice Area admission and scholarship auditions, attended and graded vocal juries, reviewed fellow faculty members, attended full faculty and voice area meetings, gave several free, sample voice lessons to prospective U. students, sent a private voice student from my home studio to audition and study at the U., and have tried to be a supportive colleague, by encouraging my students to participate in master classes, recitals, and other projects my fellow voice teachers have organized. 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2020. Department service.
  • I served on the graduate committee for Alyssa Liu, a master's student in my studio who graduated in December. In August I performed with several other voice faculty members at a summer musical evening for donors and board members. I listened to auditions for the voice department on several audition days, listened to student juries at the end of each semester, listened to opera auditions, attended the opera workshop performances, several student and faculty recitals and voice area recitals. Throughout the year I attended faculty and area meetings, several strategic planning meetings, and participated in the review process for several faculty members. I gave two free lessons to possible masters students when they were in town for auditions and allowed pedagogy students to observe me teach several times. I try to be a positive and supportive colleague, and I recruit singers for the voice area whenever possible by sending students to audition for the U. Several of my high school students are now voice majors at the U. 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2019. College service.
  • I listened to voice area auditions and juries, reviewed 3 colleagues, served on Kahli Dalbow's Master's Degree committee, attended faculty meetings, attended student recitals and opera performances, recruited by sending and encouraging my private students and others to audition for and attend the university, gave free lessons to those auditioning for the voice area, wrote many recommendations for students applying for summer programs, teaching jobs or graduate schools, allowed students from the pedagogy class to observe my lessons, and tried to be a supportive and positive faculty member and colleague. 01/2017 - 12/2017. Department service.
  • I listened to auditions, did Spring and Fall juries, served on Kahli Dalbow's master's committee, gave free coachings to University students not in my studio, allowed others to observe me teach and attend my master classes, sent a student to audition for the voice department who is now attending the U., performed with and coached High School students from the Youth Honor Choir of the Salt Lake Choral Artists to help recruiting efforts for the U.,frequently have my private students perform in Dumke recital Hall to show them our wonderful facilities and encourage them to attend the U., I attend many operas, concerts, recitals, masterclasses, and faculty meetings to support my colleagues and the students. Two of my past private students now attend the U. as Masters students in voice. 01/2016 - 12/2016. Department service.
  • I hosted our new voice faculty member, Seth Keeton, when he came to get familiar with our city. He stayed in our home and we helped him with his needs. Host. Voluntary, not assigned., 03/27/2015 - 04/01/2015. Department service.
  • Listened to auditions, did Spring and Fall juries, served on Qian Cheng's Master's Degree Committee, Allowed students from Pedagogy Class to observe my lessons, gave free coachings to University students not in my studio, sent 2 of my private students to audition for the Master's program at the U. of U.-they are now enrolled, one other is auditioning in February for the Bachelor's program. Adjudicator, Teacher, Recruiter, 01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015. Department service.
  • I have taught voice lessons to visiting prospective students, and allowed others to observe me teaching current students. I attend auditions, faculty retreats, visiting artists and masterclasses, and student recitals and opera performances to show my support, whenever possible. Teacher, auditioner, supporter, 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014. Department service.

Community Partnership

  • By performing and teaching in our community, and offering performing opportunities to our students, as well as preparing them for their professional performances in the community, I am able to make connections and increase my visibility as a faculty member, and help recruit students and contribute to our local music culture. 01/01/2021 - 12/31/2021
  • By performing with musical organizations in the area and abroad, and by teaching voice to community members, I am able to increase my connections, visibility as a faculty member, and capability to recruit students to attend the U. of U. I often create recital and concert opportunities for my students and community members, as well as service opportunities. 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2020
  • Performing frequently with musical organizations in the community, as well as helping to coach High School choral and vocal students has been a very good way for me to recruit students for the University, and give positive information about the voice department. Exposing my private students to our concerts and facilities at the U. has also helped them to have a desire to attend. 01/2016 - 12/2016
  • I am the president of a faith-based women's organization in my area. This involves weekly organizational and inspirational meetings, caring for the sick and needy, arranging meals, arranging funerals and music, weekly visits, etc. 01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015


  • I teach many private voice students in my home, and encourage them to audition for the U. of U. Several of my past students are attending now, and 3 more auditioned to come next year. I had several winners in the NATS competition this year, and when I judge or perform in the community I am able to use this visibility to tell others about our excellent music department and facilities. I sometimes have studio recitals at the U. so they get to perform in Dumke recital hall, and feel at home here. As a member of Salt Lake Vocal Artists, I took part in the Youth Honor Choir Festival, which introduces hundreds of students to Libby Gardner Hall and other parts of the music building, and provides them with a fantastic classical music experience. I have also performed locally and internationally as a soloist, and will go with SLVA to Spain next fall. These opportunities allow people to read my bio and see that I teach at the University of Utah, which brings opportunities to promote the School of Music in other areas. 01/2017 - 12/2017
  • -I teach private students at my home, and encourage them to eventually study at the University of Utah. I have them perform in recitals at the U. to show them our wonderful facilities. Several of them have chosen to come here for their education. More are auditioning this year for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in vocal performance. -I also have worked with the youth honor choir from Salt Lake Choral Artists, hoping that they may want to work with me or other teachers at the U. of U. in the future. -I perform as a soloist in the area frequently, in order to be visible, and create conversations about studying voice at the University. -I enter my students in competitions, and have had winners at the local and Regional levels. This helps the reputation of the University, and may attract students. -I occasionally perform out of the state and internationally, which also brings visibility to the University, as people see my biographical information, and are informed that I am a voice teacher on the faculty. Last year I performed in Hawaii, England, and Ireland, the year before in France, and this summer in Hungary. 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014

Honors & Awards

  • My student, Alyssa Liu, won 1st place in the Advanced Category, and received the Betty Jean Chipman "Singer of the Year" Award in the Northern Utah NATS Competition, and my students Lily Graham and Brianna Skeen won 1st and second place in the Lower College Division. (2/29) The choir I sing in and solo with, Salt Lake Vocal Artists, was invited to perform at the Chinese International Choral Festival in July, but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. National Association of Teachers of Singing, 02/29/2020
  • One of my students at the U. won second place in the Advanced category , and another one of my students won second place in the lower college category of the NATS Northern Utah Division Competition. National Association of Teachers of Singing, 03/23/2019
  • Chosen to be one of 5 first sopranos in this select, internationally renowned touring chamber choir. Salt Lake Vocal Artists, 08/2017
  • My student Karin Allred performed as a nominee in the Best Supporting Actress Category. Utah High School Music Theater Awards at Eccles Theater, 05/13/2017
  • Two of my students won 1st prizes in their categories. One won third prize. National Association of Teachers of Singing, 03/11/2017
  • My students Anna Anderl and Karin Allred were chosen as the Sterling Scholars in voice and theater for their high schools. Sterling Scholar, 01/2017
  • Nominated for Faculty Recognition Award. Career Services Office at U. of U., 12/31/2015
  • My student, Ethan Anderl, received the Sterling Scholar Award for Cottonwood High School, and was selected to perform on their Concerto Night. Sterling Scholar, 12/31/2015
  • Invited as a visiting artist to perform and give a masterclass to their voice students. Brigham Young University-Hawaii, 01/28/2014

In the Media

  • Advertisements throughout the year, about Salt Lake Vocal Artists concerts, and our Summer tour to Hungary. 01/01/2022.
  • There was an article in the December Murray City Journal about me and my husband Brady Allred and our musical careers. I was also mentioned in any of the Salt Lake Choral Artists advertisement and program materials about their 2019-2020 season, because I was hired to be a soloist for several of their concerts. 12/01/2020.
  • Throughout the year I was in the advertising materials (flyers, online ads, Facebook, radio, printed materials for programs) as a soloist for the Dan Forrest Jubilate Deo at the Choralies International Choir festival in Vaison-la-romaine, France, and for Salt Lake Choral Artists concerts, as the soloist for Mendelssohn's Elijah and Vaughan Williams' Dona nobis pacem. 01/01/2019.
  • My daughter, Loren Allred, and our family, were featured in several Deseret News Articles throughout the year, because she sang "Never Enough" in the movie The Greatest Showman. The first article was the most popular article of the year for Deseret News. It talked about our family of musicians and Loren's musical journey, as well as our careers. My husband conducted a Greatest Showman Sing-a-long, featuring Loren and several of our other daughters and others which was so popular that it sold out Libby Gardner Hall. Our family's visibility as musicians has increased because of all of the publicity. I also am in any of the publicity surrounding the Salt Lake Choral Artists season, because I will be the soprano soloist for Mendelssohn's Elijah, and was the soloist for several other performances this past year. 01/19/2018.