Robert G Kent de Grey, Ph.D. portrait
  • Postdoctoral Instructor, Psychology Department
  • Commodore (Ret.), University Sailing Team & Yacht Club
  • Postdoc Fellow, Psychology Department

Research Summary

My primary research areas are social relationships, social support, and their associations with physical and psychological health (especially in terms of chronic disease risk). I’m particularly interested in online social environments and interactions. Topic areas have historically included cardiovascular disease and cancer; most current work is in the area of type 1 diabetes. I also examine proenvironmental attitudes and behaviors. Topic areas include commuter behavior choices and recycling.


  • Master of Science, Health & Social Psychology , University of Utah. Project: Is an anxious support provider an effective one? Social Support Provider Anxiety and Cardiovascular Function
  • Ph.D., Psychology, University of Utah. Project: Friends in high-tech places: The development and validation of the online social support measure


One kid sitting on another kid’s shoulders, both wrapped in a trench coat and pretending to be an adult. Also, a social neuroscientist, researching social, health, and environmental psychology. Read more or submit recipes and memes at

Research Groups

Department of Psychology:

Social Area Research Group

Behavioral Medicine Research Group

Close Relationships Interest Group



Interdisciplinary Exchange for Utah Science (NEXUS)

Cancer Control & Population Science Program, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Consortium for Families and Health Research (C-FAHR)

Dynamical Systems Research Group (SYNC)


University Service:

University Academic Senate Committee for Academic Policy Advisory, 2017-2018

College of Social & Behavioral Science Academic Appeals Committee, 2016-2017

Psychology Department Graduate Student Advisory Committee, 2016-2017

Psychology Department Diversity Committee, 2015-Present

Consulting Environmental & Social Psychologist, University Office of Sustainability, 2015-Present

University Committee for Parking and Public Transportation, 2014-2015

Psychology Department Professional Issues & Ethics Committee, 2013-2014

University Committee for Academic Policy & Advisory, 2012-2013