• Ph.D., Anthropology , University of California, Santa Barbara . Project: The Human Ecology of Conflict: A case study from the Prehispanic Nasca Highlands of Peru
  • M.A., Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • B.S., Anthropology, University of Utah

Recent and Ongoing Research

In-PressVernon, Kenneth B., Weston C. McCool, Peter J. Yaworsky, Jerry Spangler, Brian F. Codding. The Fremont Frontier: Living at the Margins of Maize FarmingAmerican Antiquity.

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2023McCool, Weston C., Amy S. Anderson, Alexis J. Baide, Brian F. Codding. Population pressure and agricultural intensification mediate climatological drivers of chronic childhood stress in the ancient central Andes. Special Issue: The Dynamic Influences of Climate Change on Prehistoric Lifeways in the Americas (Eds., Wilson, K.M., McCool, W.C.). Quaternary International,

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Research Summary

My research utilizes models from human ecology to explain behavior in the past and present. I am currently working on projects that examine what socioecological conditions promote human conflict. My regional foci are the central Andes and western North America. Methodological specialties include bioarchaeology, isotope chemistry, spatio-statistical modeling, and big data.