LUCIA RUBIO portrait
  • Instructor (Lecturer), World Languages and Cultures


  • Using Cornell notes to facilitate interpretive communication. Conference Paper, Presented, 02/23/2018.
  • Cultural awareness through Project Based Language Learning (PBLL). Conference Paper, Presented, 02/15/2018.
  • The Utah DLI Elementary-Secondary Transition and the 7-9 Model . Conference Paper, Presented, 02/09/2018.
  • Pedagogical tools to empower DLI secondary students. Conference Paper, Presented, 02/09/2018.
  • Keeping It Real: Authenticity in the Language Classroom Using Project Based Language Learning Methodology (Invited Workshop). Other, Presented, 02/08/2018.
  • Active Reading Strategies to Reach AP Proficiency Targets #Lead with NCSSFL,. Conference Paper, Presented, 11/17/2017.
  • ACTFL ACTFL 2016, Boston. Counterbalanced instruction in Dual Language Immersion classrooms . Conference Paper, Presented, 11/17/2016.
  • CARLA. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/20/2016.
  • SWCOLT, Hawaii 2016 • What happens in the classroom... Conference Paper, Presented, 03/04/2016.
  • ACTFL 2015. San Diego, 2015. The Link Between Interaction and Proficiency in Dual Language Immersion. Conference Paper, Presented, 11/21/2015.
  • TexFlec. The role of language corpora in the development of linguistic or communicative competence . Conference Paper, Presented, 02/20/2015.
  • The Roger Anton Committee of the Fall 2014 AATSP Conference on Portuguese and Hispanic Languages and Literature. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/11/2014.
  • V Congreso Internacional FIAPE. Pretérrito e imperfecto. Aplicación de un eterno problema. Conference Paper, Presented, 01/20/2014.
  • AATSP 2014 Conference on Portuguese and Hispanic Languages and Literature. Pretérito e Imperfecto en español. Teoría de un eterno problema. Conference Paper, Presented, 01/20/2014.
  • ACTFL. Integrated Performance Assessments for Advanced level in French and Spanish. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/24/2013.
  • SWCOLT, Las Vegas. IPA in Advanced French and Spanish. Conference Paper, Presented, 04/10/2013.

Workshops attended

  • Alice Milano Workshop (ACTFL). Key Principles for meeting Proficiency Goals. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Nov 6, 2015
  • Kate Kinsella Workshop.  Salt Lake City Capitol, Nov 5, 2015.
  • PBLL (Project Based Language Learning). Webinar. NFLRC 2017 Fundamentals of Project-Based Language Learning



  • English, fluent.
  • Italian, basic.
  • Spanish, fluent.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Spain


  • Lucia Rubio & Chantal Esquivias (2017). Empowering Students Through Project-Based Language Learning. The Languge Educator. Vol. 12/ Issue 4, 28-32. Published, 11/16/2017.
  • V Congreso Internacional FIAPE. Spain 2014. Published, 09/17/2015.
  • Tercer Milenio is an Advanced Grammar e-book to be used in hybrid Spanish classes. Published, 12/01/2009.