• Professor, History
  • Professor, History


  • Guest lecture, Westmont College, CA. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 02/2021.
  • Keynote address. Dr. Omar Khalidi memorial webinar event. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 11/2020.
  • “Colonial Clubbing in a Princely State: The Nizam Club of Hyderabad, India.” North American Conference on British Studies, Vancouver, Canada. Conference Paper, Presented, 11/2019.
  • “Colonial Clubbing in a Princely State: The Nizam Club of Hyderabad, India.” North American Conference on British Studies, Vancouver, Canada. Conference Paper, Presented, 11/2019.
  • “The Hydrosocial World of Hyderabad City: Water, Recreation, Leisure and Beyond c. 1880-1908.” Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, WI. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/2019.
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  • “Urban Aquatic Conservation Efforts in Princely India: The Case of Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad city.” Presented at the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester conference on “Princely Cities: Towards a New Urban History of South Asia.”. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2019.
  • “Swimming Against the Stream: Water and Recreation in India.” University of Utah Department of History Practicing History Conference. Conference Paper, Presented, 03/2018.
  • “Water in Medieval Telangana: Repair, Restore, and Beyond.” International Seminar: Telangana Through the Ages, Government of Telangana. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 01/2018.
  • "The Hydrosocial and the Long-term: A Case for India's Deccan". Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 12/2017.
  • "Transfers of Power: A Hydrosocial View of Hyderabad.". Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 02/2017.
  • “Water in India’s Deccan: A Hydrosocial Perspective.” Tanner Humanities Center presentation, the University of Utah. Presentation, Presented, 01/2017.
  • "The Shape of Water in India's Deccan." Emory University, Atlanta. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 10/2016.
  • “Scandal and Law in Nineteenth Century Hyderabad.” Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, Seattle, WA. Conference Paper, Presented, 04/2016.
  • 2015 October. “From the Kakatiyas to “Mission Kakatiya.”” Western Conference branch of the Association of Asian Studies. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/2015.
  • Invited conference paper. “Introducing Colonial Regionalism: The Case of the Madras Presidency” at the Ohio State University Mellon-Sawyer conference on “Imagining Alternative Modernities: Interventions from the Balkans and South Asia.” Columbus, Ohio 9-11 October. 2014. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/2014.
  • The Bhagavad-Gita. Invited lecture. The University of Utah’s Intellectual Traditions program. 2014. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2014.


  • Hindi, functional.
  • Telugu, functional.
  • Urdu, functional.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Southern Asia


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