• Assistant Professor (Full-time Lecturer), English
  • Professor/Lecturer, English
  • Professor (Lecturer), English

Current Courses

Spring 2019

  • ENGL 5540-001
    Play Writing
  • ENGL 5550-001
    Young Adult Novel
  • HONOR 3100-001
    Life through the Lens
  • HUM 1900-001
    Humanities in Focus
  • HUM 1900-030
    Humanities in Focus
  • HUM 1900-031
    Humanities in Focus

Pedagogical Publications

  • Celebration of the Book Festival Selected reading from 'Hope, Heart and the Humanities" a non-fiction book published by the University Press. Presentation other, 10/13/2016.
  • Future in Review (FiRe Films) Presented two documentary films at an international film festival and discussed the impact of social justice films on the community. Presentation other, 10/10/2016.
  • Screening of social justice films from the Humanities in Focus/Life through the Lens Program at the University of Utah's Gould Auditorium with question and answers following the presentation. Presentation other, 04/18/2016.
  • Lecture to Emeritus Professors on creating the space for conversations between community members, members of the Honors College and the University Neighborhood Partners. Presentation other, 04/12/2016.

Teaching Projects

  • Venture Course in the Humanities. Project Lead: Dr. Jean Cheney. Collaborators: Jack Newell, Hikmet Lowe, Jeff Nicholson, Jean Cheney. Westminster College 09/24/2015 - 12/12/2015. Total Budget: $60,000.00.
  • Humanities in Focus. Project Lead: Jeff Metcalf. Doctorow Foundation, GAM Foundation, Mancini Family Trust, Elliott Family Trust, UNP, Honors College 04/15/2014 - 06/01/2015. Total Budget: $52,000.00.