Anne Cook
  • Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Director, Martha Bradley Evans Center for Teaching Excellence , Ctle Ctr Teach & Learning Ed

Research Summary

My research focuses on the cognitive processes involved in adult reading comprehension. This research is grounded in theories of memory retrieval, in that basic memory processes can be used to explain complex phenomena that occur during reading. Phenomena investigated in my lab include reactivation and validation of text contents, the role of general world knowledge in comprehension, inference generation, conceptual components of word processing, and figurative language comprehension.


  • BA, Psychology, Louisiana State University
  • MA, Cognitive Psychology, University of New Hampshire
  • PhD, Cognitive Psychology, University of New Hampshire
  • MST, College Teaching, University of New Hampshire



Anne Cook is a Professor in the Learning Sciences Program in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on cognitive processes in reading comprehension. She has conducted research and published works on memory reactivation and validation during reading, inferential processes, conceptual components of word processing, and the use eye tracking technology to measure moment-to-moment processing. She has served in several leadership roles in the department and university, including Director of the Learning Sciences Program, Chair of the Interdepartmental Masters in Statistics Program, Associate Chair and Chair of the Educational Psychology Department, and Director of Student and Faculty Affairs in the College of Education. She is the current University Professor (2020-22), and is an Associate Editor for the journal Applied Psycholinguistics.