Research Summary

Intersections of gender, language, and trauma in organizational communication contexts. Domestic violence awareness and prevention. Campus interpersonal violence awareness and prevention. Non-profit management.


  • PhD, Joint Phd in Communication and Writing Studies and Rhetoric, University of Utah. Project: Lived Narratives, Everyday Trauma, and the Aftermath of the Bosnian War: Human Rights as Living Practice
  • MA, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, San Diego State University. Project: Student Worldviews in the Composition Classroom
  • BS, English, emphasis in Technical/Professional Writing, Utah State University


Jessie Lynn Richards is an assistant professor/lecturer in the Business School at the University of Utah where she teaches interpersonal and organizational communication and writing. Her research interests include ethnographic interviewing and sociolinguistics, and her work explores intersections of trauma, memory, and language with a specific focus on gender and post-war communities. She started a non-profit foundation called Fight Against Domestic Violence, which exists to educate communities and to fundraise for DV service providers. She earned a joint Ph.D. in Communication and Writing Studies and Rhetoric from the University of Utah.