Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • HIST 3010-001
    Classical Greece
  • HIST 4010-001
    Roman Republic
  • MUSE 1850-001
    The MUSE Seminar

Spring 2023

Teaching Philosophy

Like my scholarship, my teaching asks students to consider the complicated daily realities of people in the ancient world. Accurately representing the diversity of the ancient Mediterranean world and the tricky human interactions it fostered are also crucial to my teaching.I also try to create innovative assignments that allow students to have interactive experiences with ancient material and that invite them to develop their analysis beyond whatever their initial impressions of ancient history may have been. I teach both lecture courses and seminars in Greek and Roman history, as well as a larger survey classes of early European history. Additionally, I have taught undergraduate and graduate seminars that reach beyond ancient Mediterranean history, such as an undergraduate seminar on food and foodways from antiquity to the 21st century and a graduate seminar on the human body, embodiment, and materiality from antiquity to the 21st century.