• Adjunct Associate Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor, Internal Medicine

Other Profile Data

Dr. Shiu’s teaching experiences include both classroom teaching and research mentoring in clinical and basic science studies. 

1. Fall 2002 - Spring 2010:

Classroom Teaching

Dr. Shiu has a broad technical skill set and can effectively deliver materials in a broad range, from chemical engineering and biophysics to molecular cell biology. Dr. Shiu taught a total of 28 Bioengineering courses from Fall 2002 to Spring 2010, an average of 3.5 courses per year, and received strong anonymous course evaluations from teaching core and elective courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Below are excerpts of students’ comments from her anonymous course evaluations:

Undergraduate Core, Bioen 5001 Biophysics, Spring 2008:

“The instructor was very knowledgeable on the topic and was available for help during posted office hours and often times at other times.” “Professor truly cared for her students, and helped them understand the material.“

Graduate Core, Bioen 6050 Cellular Physiology, Fall 2008:

“Good ability to explain complex things more easily”; “Good examples and clear expectations.”

Elective, Bioen 6065 Biotransport, Spring 2010:

“The concept of the transport phenomena in biological systems is generally a very difficult concept to grasp. However, the professor tactfully simplified and conceptualized each chapter and applications”; “Always encourage questions and welcome them.”

Elective, Bioen 6140 Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering, Spring 2004:

“great lectures, knowledgeable instructor, good examples of application”; ”Encourage ideas and opinions”

Advising and Mentoring Students

Bioengineering had about 40 students per undergraduate class and 30 per graduate class. During these 8 years, Dr. Shiu advised 10 graduate students and 15 undergraduate researchers in her lab, 27 graduate students as a thesis research supervisory committee member, and over 40 students in the Bioengineering B.S./M.S. program as the program advisor; she taught more than 500 students in her courses. Anonymous evaluations by students indicate that Dr. Shiu’s graduate students and undergraduate mentees appreciate her mentorship, she clearly works hard to ensure that her students receive a quality education, and Dr. Shiu consistently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the state of research in her field, has a strong desire to convey information to the students, and makes herself available to meet and discuss questions.

2. Summer 2010 - present:

Currently Dr. Shiu's teaching activities are focused on advising students and post-doc fellows to conduct research. In all, she has trained over 50 trainees (visiting scholars, PhD students, MS students, undergraduate students). Her contribution in education reaches beyond her laboratory. Because of her research expertise and mentorship, she has been invited to serve as a member on over 35 masters and doctoral research supervisory committees at the University of Utah and a few outside of the U.S.

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