• Adjunct Associate Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor, Internal Medicine

Other Profile Data

1. Fall 2002 - Spring 2010:

During Fall 2002 and Spring 2010, Dr. Shiu served on more than 10 internal committees/tasks at the department (Department of Bioengineering), college (College of Engineering) and university levels at the University of Utah. In particular, as the first Bioengineering undergraduate scholarships committee chair (2002-2005), Dr. Shiu set the scholarship application and evaluation guidelines; the committee also actively sought funds to establish more scholarships, and the number of departmental scholarships increased from three in 2002 to six in 2005. Dr. Shiu served as the first Bioengineering B.S./M.S. program advisor (2005-2010) and played a major role in establishing this program. Dr. Shiu served on the Bioengineering graduate committees during 2002-2010, and her efforts were focused on admissions and Ph.D. written qualifying exams. 

Dr. Shiu has actively participated in numerous outreach events since 2002. In particular, she has participated in the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair almost every year since 2006, playing various roles including mentor, judge, and member on the Scientific Review Committee.

2. Summer 2010 - present:

Dr. Shiu is an active and enthusiastic participant in the research community. She has served on the Research Advisory Committee in the Department of Internal Medicine and the Health Sciences Center Cell Imaging Core Facility Oversight Committee at the University of Utah, as well as on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at the Salt Lake VA for several years. She also frequently reviews intramural grant applications. Her external professional service has included reviewing many journal manuscripts, book chapters and grant proposals. She is versatile and is adept in a variety of topics ranging from engineering and biophysics to biomedical sciences.