• Director, Experimental Studios, Libby Recording Studios, School Of Music
  • Music Tech Advisor
  • Professor (Lecturer), School Of Music

Creative Research

  • Consultant for Mixed In Key (software developers, 120000 users). Other, in progress 2014.
  • Co-editor "The SuperCollider Book," due in 2011. Author of Ch 1 of "The SuperCollider Book," due in 2011 Literary Arts, scheduled 2011.
  • The Way Music Works -- Music appreciation text. Literary Arts, in progress 2011.
  • Surviving AP and First Year Music Theory Literary Arts, in progress 2011.
  • Tech support for electro-acoustic performances at the School of Music Performance, in progress 2010.


  • Fridays with Faculty. , Presented, 2019.
  • WMEA technology lectures (4). , Presented, 2018.
  • UMEA Technology lectures. , Presented, 2017.
  • NASM Conference Panel member: Composition, the foundation for teaching, conducting, and administration. , Presented, 2013.
  • VU Symposium at Westminster. , Presented, 2020.

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Digital recording equipment (mics, preamps, mixers) and software (Logic Pro, ProTools, Amadeus Pro).

Software Titles

  • Automated recordings in DGH. Software and Scripts for the recording systems in David Gardner Hall. Release Date: 2020. Inventors: Mike Cottle. Distribution List: Private.
  • SuperCollider. Real-Time language based audio synthesis. Release Date: 2001.
  • Amadeus Pro. Two track digital audio editor. Release Date: 2000.
  • Lime Notation Software. Music Notation Package. Release Date: 1985.


  • French, Fluent.


  • David Michael Cottle (date unknown). College level music tech. The first half covers the nature of sound, formats, mic types and placement, recording techniques, DAWs (Logic Pro), DSP (reverbs, delays, compression, EQ), mix styles, and auxiliary sends for effects and monitors. The second half continues with electro-acoustic composition using SuperCollider and Logic Pro; concrete styles, voltage control, wave generators, control sources, GUIs, filtering synthesis, frequency and phase modulation synthesis, physical models and a.... Accepted, .
  • Scott Wilson (date unknown). SuperCollider, the Book. Accepted, .
  • David Cottle (date unknown). Electro-acoustic Music with Examples in SuperCollider and Logic Pro. Accepted, .
  • Scott Wilson (date unknown). Introduction/Tutorial for Supercollider the Book. Accepted, .