Curriculum Vitae

TOM S HOFFMAN portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Art/Art History Department


Current Courses

Fall 2017

  • ART 313-001 Drawing I
    Location: ART 362 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 2205-001 Mapping
    Location: ART 352 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 2205-002 Mapping
    Location: ART 352 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 2205-003 Mapping
    Location: ART 352 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 2205-004 Mapping
    Location: ART 352 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 3130-001 Drawing I (Student Feedback)
    Location: ART 362 (Art Bldg)
  • ART 4920-022 Directed Study
  • ART 6000-023 Post-Degree Studio
  • DRAW 3130-001 Drawing I
    Location: ART 362 (Art Bldg)

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Courses I Teach

  • 1020/002 - Non-major basic drawing.
    A begining drawing class for non art majors. I address the same issues I do in Foundation I but in a less intensive manner.
  • 2250/003 - Foundation II.
    This is a continuation of Foundation I. The first part of the semester we explore continuous tone drawing and specifically how value is used to depict spacial relationships. The final two thirds of the semester deal with color theory.
  • 4120/4150 - Life Drawing and Advanced Life Drawing..
    A drawing class that deals exclusively with the human figure. My approach is to introduce the figure as an element in a completed work, the dominate form but never isolated from the enviornment. I introduce a number of different mediums with the intent requiring the student to be present ,not only to the model, but also to illicit different responses making them aware of the physical aspect of thier drawings. I also introduce them to contemporary issues related to the figure with the intent of making them aware and deliberate about their choices when dealing with the figure.