Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

Department photo
  • Director, Panamá Dance and Cultural Exchange, Modern Dance Department
  • Director, Grey Matters: Dance for Parkinson's Disease, Modern Dance Department
  • Latin American Studies- Affiliate Instructor , College Of Humanities
  • Task Force Committee Member, Lowell Bennion Community Service Center


Creative Research

  • Contemporary Dance Teacher at Ballet Arkansas Summer Intensive. July 2015. Other, in progress 08/2014.
  • Utah Opera- The Pearl Fishers by Goerges Bizet. Choreography by Daniel Charon Performance, in progress 12/2014.
  • Collaboration for the establishment of Dance Education program with Tumbuka Dance Company in Harare, Zimbabwe. Choreography, scheduled 08/2014.
  • Professor Off Campus Initiative Other, scheduled 08/2014.
  • Performing for Joan Woodbury's lecture demonstration on German Expressionist Mary Wigman with the Berlin State Ballet School Exchange Program. Performance, in progress 05/2014.
  • Re-staging of collaboration duet broken Regained for the Berlin State Ballet School Exchange Program. Choreography, in progress 03/2014.
  • The Little Beast of SB Dance- Performance Performance, in progress 01/22/2014.
  • Hillcrest High School Dance Company- Tomorrow People (2014). A work for 13 dancers. Choreography, in progress 01/13/2014.
  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Momentum Concert featuring Ririe-Woodbury Alumni. Choreography, completed 12/12/2013.
  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Momentum Concert featuring Ririe-Woodbury Alumni. Curatorial/Production, completed 12/12/2013.
  • SB Dance- Of Meat and Marrow; A Rock Opera Circus Performance, completed 10/24/2013.
  • Morning Star Ballet Foundation 2013 Summer School, organized by the Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing, China Contemporary Guest Artist Other, scheduled 07/13/2013.
  • SB Dance- Of Meat and Marrow. A Dance Performance. Performance, completed 06/15/2013.
  • National Centre for the Performing Arts, 2nd Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, Beijing, China Contemporary Guest Artist Other, scheduled 05/07/2013.
  • Micro-Dance, A dance performance series molded after ten tiny dances a Portland-based project by Mike Barber Performance, completed 03/2013.
  • Dancing a Revolution a collaboration between the Utah Museum of Natural History and the Department of Modern Dance. Choreography, in progress 12/2012.
  • Highland High School Dance Program, directed by Erin Patrick. Jigs and Reels a dance for 25 dancers. Choreography, completed 12/2012.
  • SB Dance Performance. Performance, in progress 12/01/2012.
  • Choreography for Momentum 2012: A Ririe-Woodbury Alumni Concert Choreography, in progress 08/23/2012.
  • Performance for Momentum 2012: A Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Alumni Concert Performance, in progress 08/23/2012.
  • Department of Modern Dance, Performing Dance Company, West of Ordinary. Choreography, completed 08/2012.
  • Saturday Studio Series Co-ordinator Other, in progress 08/2012.
  • Performance for SB Dance 2012 Performance, in progress 06/07/2012.
  • Performer with SB Dance, directed by Stephen Brown. Performance, completed 06/2012.
  • Department of Modern Dance, Performing Dance Company, Fall 2011 concert. Title: ...otherwise we are lost Choreography, in progress 10/2011.
  • Transfer of performance roles for the Nikolais Dance Theatre performed by the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. Other, in progress 10/2011.
  • Momentum 2011. A Ririe-Woodbury dance company alumni concert. Performance of NightLife, choreography by Tandy Beal. Performance, completed 08/2011.
  • A two day residency at Utah State University Diversity week. Teaching and performing my own choreographic works. Performance, in progress 2010.
  • Night Moths in the Open Field examines how history and the natural world around us help us shape our lives. Choreography, in progress 12/02/2009.
  • Utah Valley University- Guest Performer Performance, in progress 12/02/2009.
  • DV 8 Physical Theatre- selected candidate for the re-staging and touring of Lloyd Newson's acclaimed production of Strange Fish and a new work for 2011. London, England Other, in progress 11/06/2009.
  • Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. Slow Love Blue a 12 minutes choreography commission for University Dance Company. Commission, completed 03/01/2009.
  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company/Nikolais Dance Theatre. Artist touring works by Alwin Nikolais. 2009-2010 National and International Tour. Performance, in progress 01/06/2009.
  • Utah Dance Fest judge. Competition, completed 2009.
  • Co-director/collaborator with the John Allen/Project. Other, completed 01/01/2009.
  • Co-producer of Momentum; A Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Alumni Concert Performance, completed 2009.
  • Stephen Brown- Beast Dance Circus. Production of All Saints Salon. Performance, completed 12/2015.
  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company- Alwin Nikolais Celebration (Creation Process) Performance, completed 12/2015.
  • Grey Matters: A Dance for Parkinson's Program Other, in progress 02/2015.
  • Utah Opera- The Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet, Choreography Daniel Charon. Performance, completed 01/2015.


  • REFLECTIONS OF SELF: MALE-MALE RELATIONSHIPS AS A SOURCE FOR CHOREOGRAPHY. 01/08/2009. A thesis submitted to the faculty of The University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts.