Creative Research

  • Yaksu-dong House Series / 약수동집 이야기 (mentor for J.e. Kim, University of the Arts, PA) Curatorial/Production, completed 09/2022.
  • "dear old familiar," Friends of the Great Salt Lake, UT Exhibition, completed 09/2021.
  • On Site Mobile Dance Series; Orem Library (2019) Nielsen’s Grove Park Bowery (2018) Reservoir Park, Salt Lake City Arts Council (2018) w/Brian Kershisnik (2017) Scera Pool (2016) Provo Library (2015) Women at Work, BYU Museum of Art (2014) Provo Historic 4th Ward (2012) Curatorial/Production, completed 09/2019.
  • "Those With Wings" at the Three Creeks Confluence with support from Seven Canyons Trust Performance, completed 08/2017.