Bellamkonda K. KISHORE, M.D., PhD., MBA, FASN, FRSB, FAPS, FAHA, FISN portrait
  • Adjunct Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Utah Health
  • Senior Member, National Academy of Inventors (NAI), Washington DC
  • President, CEO & CSO, ePurines, Inc, University of Utah Research Park

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • ePurines, Inc. 05/01/2020 - present. Employees: 3.
    Comments: Dr. Kishore is a Co-Founder, President, CEO & CSO of ePurines located in the University of Utah Research Park, Salt Lake City, Utah. ePurines was founded by internationally recognized experts in purinergic signaling, and exclusively focuses on the development of purinergic signaling-based therapeutics. ePurines is developing innovative therapies targeting purinergic signaling in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and renal and liver diseases. ePurines’ genesis is linked to improving the Veterans health. The core technologies were developed and patented by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and were licensed to ePurines.