PAULA MEEK portrait
  • Professor, College Of Nursing
  • Assistant Dean for the PhD program, College Of Nursing

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • NURS 7202-001
    Statistics II
    Location: CANVAS (CANVAS)
  • NURS 7401-003
    Appraisal & Synth Lit
  • NURS 7401-092
    Appraisal & Synth Lit
  • NURS 7980-037
    Faculty Consultation

Summer 2024

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • American Thoracic Society. 07/01/1992 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Academy of Nurses. 10/01/2003 - present. Position : Member.
  • Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science. 04/30/2019 - 11/01/2023. Position : Leadership council.
  • Western Institue of Nursing. 04/01/2019 - present. Position : Govenor for Research.

Teaching Philosophy

To illustrate my personal and professional philosophy of teaching and learning, I selected the adage of “see one, do one, and teach one.” This saying is pervasive in nursing and medical education and depicts the apprenticeship model deeply rooted in health care; however, I feel it is more than that. I will use this saying to depict my personal, educational philosophy and values of seeking, sharing, applying, and enjoying knowledge. Thus, I translate the “see one” as the student seeking and the faculty sharing, the “do one” as the faculty doing one and the students relating and finally with the “teach one” being the student’s full application and learning to enjoy the knowledge they have gained.