MARIA NEWTON, PhD portrait
  • Director of Graduate Studies, Health-Kinesiology
  • Associate Professor, Health and Kinesiology

Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • H EDU 6000-001
    Found/Theory of Hlth Pr
    Location: MCD 230 (MCD 230)
  • H EDU 7990-001
    Continuing Registration
  • KINES 2500-090
    Found of Health & Kines
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • KINES 4921-008
    Peer Tutoring
  • KINES 4999-004
    Honors Thesis/Project
  • KINES 6840-001
    Graduate Seminar I
    Location: HPR N 242 (HPR N 242)
  • KINES 6910-004
    Masters Internship
  • KINES 7830-001
    Journal Readings
  • KINES 7930-008
    Doctoral Internship
  • KINES 7954-011
    Prac. Eff. Tch. Doc.
  • KINES 7990-001
    Cont Reg-Ph D
  • PRT 6840-001
    Graduate Seminar I
    Location: TBA (TBA)

Summer 2023

Teaching Philosophy

I truly enjoy teaching.  I consider myself a post modernist in terms of pedagogical philosophy.  I attempt to create a mastery and caring-based motivational climate that encourages everyone to invest and treat others with respect.  I attempt to engage the students with references to current culture, small and large group work, and endless questions.  I try to merge both high expectations and fun in the classroom.  I will push my students but we will also laugh on a daily basis.  My students make my job enjoyable so I try to be available to them on a constant basis.