Pedagogical Publications

  • “Louisiana Fairy Tales: Lessons in Nation-building and the Politics of Language.” In Teaching Fairy Tales. Ed. Nancy Canepa. Detoit: Wayne State University Press. Expected 2018. Paper in press, 09/29/2017.
  • “Social Change and the Development of the Fairy Tale in France, 1690-1799.” In The Fairy Tale World. Ed. Andrew Teverson. London: Routledge. Paper in press, 09/29/2017.
  • “The Significance of Translation.” Approaches to Teaching the Fairy Tale. Eds. Claudia Schwabe and Christa Jones. Logan: Utah State University Press. Paper published, 08/07/2016.
  • Instructor of an day-long DCAL (Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning) workshop, “Hamming it up with language and literature,” Dartmouth College, 9 Oct. 2012. Presentation published, 10/09/2012.
  • “How to Read a Fairy Tale,” with Jennifer Schacker, Introduction to Marvelous Transformations: An Anthology of Fairy Tales and Contemporary Critical Perspectives. Eds. Christine A. Jones and Jennifer Schacker (Ontario: Broadview Press, 2012), 21-40. Paper published, 10/2012.
  • Instructor, French Summer Educator Workshops, Tanner Humanities Center, 31 July & 2 August 2012. Workshop title: "Charles Perrault: ni vu, ni connu" . Presentation published, 08/2012.

Teaching Projects

  • Teaching French Grammar Through Theater. Project Lead: Christine A. Jones. Collaborators: Molly Barnewitz. USET 08/2012 - 04/2013. Total Budget: $1,500.00.

Small Group Teaching

  • HON 3600, Early treatises on chocolate and the Mayan tradition Gabriela Piril.  01/11/2016  -  04/26/2016
  • 4880, Independent Study: Chocolate in the Early Modern Treatise Megan Mullineaux, CLCS.  01/06/2015  -  04/28/2015

Current Students

  • Sadie Hoagland, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Project Type: Dissertation. Role: Member.

Former Students

  • Alan Reiser, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Project Type: Thesis. Role: Member.