Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

  • Associate Professor, Languages And Literature, University of Utah



  • An Edible World: Hot Beverages, Orientalism, and the French Enlightenment (in progress)

    Seventeenth-century Europeans believed coffee, chocolate, and tea—exotic “drugs”—could heal or poison. A century later, they were culinary staples. Hot beverages are understudied accessories to sociability and ciphers through which France explored, understood, and  global culture in the wake of early diplomatic and mercantile expeditions. An Edible World takes up the print reception history of coffee, chocolate and tea to show that these three drinks changed the way Europe imagined the rest of the world

    . In progress, 02/2013.
  • Mother Goose Revisited. Trans. and Ed. Christine A. Jones. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, forthcoming in 2015. Revise/resubmit(1), 09/2013.
  • Shapely Bodies: The Image of Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century France. Studies in 17th- and 18th- Century Art and Culture. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2013.

    Shapely Bodies is the first book that explores the cultural significance of porcelain as an artisanal craft, and artisans as makers of fashion trends, during the one hundred years of its experimental development in France, c. 1660-1760.

    . Published, 05/2013.
  • Marvelous Transformations: An Anthology of Tales and New Critical Perspectives. Eds. Christine A. Jones and Jennifer Schacker. Broadview Press, 2012. Published, 10/19/2012.
  • Several translations in Fairy Tales Framed: Early Forewords, Afterwords, and Critical Words. Ed. Ruth B. Bottigheimer. Albany, New York: SUNY Press, 2012.

    Charles Perrault, “‘Griselda’, Letter to Monsieur” (1695)

    ---. “‘Donkeyskin. Tale.’, Letter to Madame La Marquise de L…” (1695)

    ---. “‘The Ridiculous Wishes. Tale.’, Letter to Mademoiselle de La C…” (1695)

    ---. “Tales of My Mother Goose, Dedicatory Letter to Mademoiselle” (1695)

    . Published, 05/2012.
  • Feathers, Paws, Fins, and Claws: The Extraordinary Animals of Folk and Fairy Tales. Eds. Jennifer Schacker and Christine A. Jones. Wayne State University Press, Series in Fairy Tale Studies. In press, 02/2015.
  • The History of the Fairy Tale, eds. Christine A. Jones and Jennifer Schacker. Proposal solicited by Palgrave MacMillan. In progress, 02/2015.
  • “Caution, Contents May Be Hot: A Cultural Anatomy of the Tasse Trembleuse.” In Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a Global Context: From Consumerism to Celebrity Culture. Eds. Christina Ionescu and Ileana Baird. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2013. Published, 12/2013.
  • “Edible Craft: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Early Modern French How-to." Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Medieval and Early Modern Artisan Culture, eds. Nicole Rice and Margaret Pappano 43.3 (2013): 623-653. Published, 09/2013.
  • “Thoughts on ‘Heroinism’ in French Fairy Tales.” Marvels & Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies 27.1 (2013): 15-33. Published, 06/2013.
  • “Embodied Culture, Living History: Teaching French Theater as Performance Art.” Dramatic Interactions: Teaching Literature, Culture, and Language through Theater. Ed. Colleen Ryan-Sheutz and Nicoletta Marini-Maio. Oxford: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. Published, 01/2011.
  • “The Hidden Life of Porcelainiers in Eighteenth-Century France.” Eighteenth-Century Fiction, Special Issue: “Trades” 23.2 (Winter 2010-11) 381-408. Published, 10/2010.
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  • "Louisiana Fairy Tales: Lessons in Naion-buiding and the Politics of Language." Teaching Fairy Tales. Wayne State University Press. Submitted, 02/2015.
  • “The Significance of Translation.” Approaches to Teaching the Fairy Tale. Eds. Claudia Schwabe and Christa Jones. Utah State University Press, expected 2015. In press, 12/2014.
  • "When Chocolate was Medicine: Colmenero, Wadsworth, and Dufour." Public Domain Review 28 January 2015. Published, 01/28/2015.
  • "Mother Goose's French Birth (1697) and British Afterlife (1729)." Public Domain Review 29 May 2013. Published, 05/29/2013.
  • “Material Culture.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales & Fairy Tales. 2nd Edition. Eds. Donald Haase and Anne Duggan. Westport: Greenwood, forthcoming 2014. Submitted, 12/2013.
  • “Maiden Warrior.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales & Fairy Tales. 2nd Edition. Eds. Donald Haase and Anne Duggan. Westport: Greenwood Publications, forthcoming 2014. Submitted, 10/2013.
  • “Cross-dressing.” Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales. Westport: Greenwood Publications. Other, 2008.
  • “L’Héritier, Marie-Jeanne.” Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales. Westport: Greenwood Publications. Other, 2008.
  • Review of Patricia Eichel-Lojkine, Contes en réseaux: l’émergence du conte sur la scène littéraire européenne (Geneva : Droz, 2013). In The French Review 88 (Fall 2014). Submitted, 09/2013.
  • Review of Jack Zipes, The Irresistible Fairy Tale: The Cultural and Social History of a Genre (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012). In The Times Higher Education No. 2,047 (26 Apr. 2012): 51.. Published, 06/2012.
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  • Review of “Imperial Privilege: Vienna Porcelain of Du Paquier, 1718-44,” Metropolitan Museum of Art (Oct. 2009-21 Mar. 2010). Published, 02/2010.
  • Review of Féeries 4 (2007): Le Conte, La Scène. Ed. Jean-François Perrin. In Eighteenth-Century Fiction 2.1 (2009). Published, 08/2009.