• Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures
  • Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures


  • Cuban Hospitality, Travel Writers, and Representation of the Coolie Trade, Modern Language Association (MLA) International Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 06/03/2022.
  • Epicentro: Dilemmas of Globalization, Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 02/03/2022.
  • Writing the Coolie Across the Florida Straits, C19: The Society of NIneteenth-Century Americanists. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 10/18/2020.
  • Dissent and Pride: Afro-Cuban Women Write Blackness, Latin American Studies Association (LASA). Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 05/14/2020.
  • Black Cuban Women's Voices in the Aftermath of Slavery," Modern Language Association (MLA) International Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal . Conference Paper, Refereed, Accepted, 07/24/2019.
  • The Unintended Consequences of La Trata Amarilla: Chinese Indentured Servitude and Cuban Racial Formation in the mid-Nineteenth Century," The Global Migration Conference at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam. Conference Paper, Refereed, Accepted, 06/22/2019.
  • "Scripting Black Cuban Masculinities: The Transnational Writings of Rodolfo de Lagardere and Martin Morua Delgado," Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispanica, Granada, Spain, June 2-29, 2018. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 06/28/2018.
  • Invited to lead a seminar titled "Dissonant Archives," for the C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 22-25, 2018. Other, Presented, 03/23/2018.
  • "Performance as a Transgressive Model for Latina/o Studies," Latina/o Studies Association, Pasadena, California, July 7-9, 2016. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 07/08/2016.
  • "Negotiating Blackness: Masculinity and Womanhood in the Post-Independent Period," Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispanica, Merida, Mexico, March 9-11, 2016. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 03/10/2016.
  • "The Politics of Ownership: The Black Female Body in Late Nineteenth Century Cuba". Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 03/2015.
  • "Competing Racial Patriarchies: The Politics of Respectability and the Black Female Body in Late Nineteenth-Century Cuba," Cuban Research Institute on Cuban and Cuban American Studies at Florida International University. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 02/2015.
  • Recuperating a Black Archive, Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials(SALALM). Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 05/11/2014.
  • Inverting Racial Paradigm in Nineteenth Century Cuba, Tanner Humanities Center, University of Utah. Presentation, Presented, 04/01/2014.
  • Nineteenth-Century Trans-Geographical Labor and Racial Triangulation, Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispanica. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 03/14/2014.
  • "Sightseeing in Havana: Chinese "Coolies", Cigar Factories and American Travelers in 19th Century America," American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Toronto, Canada. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 04/06/2013.
  • "Revolution of Forms: Cuba's Forgotten Art" Sponsored by the School of Architecture at the University of Utah, and Utah Film Center. Salt Lake City Public Library. Presentation, Other, 11/20/2012.
  • "Frutos de la violencia: Nación, lenguaje e identidad." 59th Annual Conference of the Rocky Mountain Council of Latin American Studies, Park City, Utah, March 30, 2012. (Discussant). Conference Paper, Refereed, Other, 03/2012.
  • Titled: “Visual Representation of the Chinese in Cuba: Racial Subjectivity and Triangulation,” Invited Speaker, As part of a series titled, Visual Representations of the Chinese in the Diaspora, Sponsored by the History of Art and Visual Culture Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, November 9-10, 2011. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 11/09/2011.
  • Titled: "Black Female Subjectivity in a New Era: Minerva 1888-1889," presented at the Conference of Ethnicity, Race and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean (ERIP), University of California, San Diego, November 3-5, 2011. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 11/04/2011.
  • Title: "Music and Embodiment: The Sound of Cutting the Huipil," presented at the Latin American Studies Conferene (LASA) in Toronto, Canada. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/2010. International (Canada). Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 10/08/2010.
  • Title: "Cultural Mulatez: Colonialism, Nation and Cuban Color in the 19th Century," presented at the Cuban Research Institute Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies: An Island in a Global World at Florida International University. Conference Paper, Presented, 02/2010. Interdisciplinary. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 02/2010.
  • "Dialectic Imagin(ation): Lila Downs's Narratives of Urban Folklore" This conference paper was presented at the annual American Studies Conference. This is part of a larger project that will result in the publication of an article. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 11/08/2009.
  • "Allegory Strikes Back: Lila Downs's Musical Border Crossings in a Global World." This paper was presented at the annual conference for the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 04/09/2009.
  • "Of Genuineness and Genre: Negotiating Identity in the Context of Cuban Popular Music." I was invited to participate in a mini conference, UCI Cuba Conference, held at the University of California, Irvine. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 05/01/2008.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Border Crossings. PI: Karin Baumgartner. Co-PI(s): Angela Espinosa, Gema Guevara, Eric Laursen. Dee Council, 08/24/2009 - 12/07/2009. Total project budget to date: $10,387.00

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Latin America and the Caribbean


  • "Of Fabric and Fabrication: Lila Downs' Refashioning of Transnational Music," Latino Studies Journal, 12:4 (2014): 550-574. Published, 12/14/2014.
  • Title: "Arsenio and Olga: Situating Blackness in the Cuban/Cuban American Imaginary," in Una Ventana a Cuba y los estudios cubanos," Amalia Cabezas, Ivette-Hernandez Torres, Sara Johnson, Rodrigo Lazo, eds. (San Juan, Puerto Rico: Ediciones Callejon, 2010),135-154. Published, 03/2010.
  • "Geographies of Travel and the Rhetoric of the Countryside: Mid-Nineteenth Century North American and Cuban Travel Writing," Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 85:1 (2008): 11-27. Published, 2008.