• Associate Professor (Lecturer), Mining Engineering


  • Masters, Zoology/Ecology, Indiana University. Project: The Ecology and Social Organization of the Utah Prairie Dog, Cynomys parvidens


Utah Office of Governor’s Energy Advisor, April 2008 to July 2011, Energy Resource Coordinator 

Utah Dept. of Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining:

Associate Director of Mining, Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, 1996 to 2008.  Regulated environmental and public health and safety aspects of mining in Utah.  

Acting Director, Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining 2004 – 2005 

Administrator, Utah Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program 1981 - 1996

Biologist/ Inspector, Utah OGM Mining Regulatory Program. 1978 – 1981


Editor, Co Author, or Author:

Lake Monroe Land Suitability Study, 1976

 Ecology and Social Organization of Cynomys parvidens  (Utah Prairie Dog) in South central Utah, 1978

Utah Groundwater and Mining Study, 1986

Stay Out and Stay Alive Video, 1991

Practical Guide to Reclamation in Utah, 2002

Utah’s Renewable Energy Zone Study Phases I & II, 2009, 2011

Utah’s 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan, 2011

An Assessment of Environmental Learning in US Mining Engineering Schools, 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry, 2013