• Assistant Professor (Clinical), Con-Hscbc Division
  • Assistant Professor (Clinical), College Of Nursing

Professional Organizations

  • NCC. 06/15/1986 - present. Position : Member - current.

Practice History

  • BirthCare HealthCare As APRN care manager, I help to keep BCHC practices and policies relevant and evidence-based, in collaboration with our clinical director and our BCHC team. Included in this effort is ongoing revision of existing and creation of new BCHC practice care guidelines, and revisions of our RN protocols. This past academic year, I collaborated with one of our maternal fetal medicine consultant in the authorship of an extensive anemia during pregnancy and IV iron protocol. I later collaborated with another BCHC CNM colleague to adapt this protocol in to an algorithm tree format. I've mentored other BCHC clinicians for content in their creation of numerous other practice care guidelines and am in the process of editing these guidelines, in collaboration with our clinical director. College of Nursing. 01/02/2020 - 12/31/2020 .
  • As APRN care manager, function as advisor (when appropriate) to other BCHC clinicians to insure we are following current EBP and best practice in the care of our patients. I frequently research and provide current recommendations for patient care issues as the need arises, consult with MFM colleagues on behalf of BCHC if/when expert opinion is required for less well-defined patient management issues, often using the format of Pregnancy Care ECHO. College of Nursing. 01/02/2020 - 12/31/2020 .
  • Continue to provide clinical supervision to BCHC RNs: patient services coordinator and graduate assistants. Also function as liason between BCHC faculty clinicians and RNS when patient care issues/system issues arise and participate in problem solving solutions. 01/01/2017 - present .
  • Collaborated with MFM physician consultant to write BCHC clinical practice guidelines for prenatal diabetes screening and management. 06/30/2015 - present .
  • Email to me from BCHC colleague regarding my work as care manager: "Thanks so much Peggy. It is nice to have you doing all this amazing work for the practice. I should tell you more often how much I appreciate all of your work". 06/01/2015 - present .
  • Thank you note from BCHC colleague: "You are an expert clinician and a kind, supportive and observant colleague. I attribute much of my clinical growth to your close and supportive mentorship". 05/2014 - present .
  • email from BCHC faculty colleague regarding care manager actions: ..."you arranged great care for a variety of not only saved me 2 hours-worth of work in between other patients at Hartland but, I know, arranged care far better than I could, as you know all the systems". 11/2013 - present .
  • feedback as care manager from BCHC faculty practice director, email: "this is wonderful work you are doing for the practice and will invariably lead to better quality care!". 07/2013 - present .
  • Assumed and began developing role as Care manager, BirthCare HealthCare faculty practice. 65% of 80% FTE is dedicated to this role. Responsibilities include development, implementation, and supervision of practice care guidelines; chart review; coordination and follow-up of patient care; and acting as consultant to less experienced colleagues. 06/2013 - present .
  • Evidence of colleagueality and teamwork with TMCP staff member who is in school aspiring to become CNM, thank you note: "Thanks for all of the love and support you have shared with me the last several years. You hold a very special place in my heart and will always be a role model to me". 12/2012 - present .
  • Faculty evaluator. Volunteered to help evaluate former graduate student who has applied to reenter the WHNP/Midwifery graduate program, during simulated client-provider interaction and debrief session with prospective student. 12/16/2011 - present .
  • Function as experienced full-scope CNM with BCHC and provide consultation and mentoring to less experienced colleagues. I am willing to go "the extra mile" in ensuring high quality patient care, teaching experiences for students, and in communication with my colleagues, frequently working after hours. In a 04/2011 letter written to the Dean ,Associate Dean, and Division Chair , Dr. Jane Dyer states , "Peggy Rosati Allen, CNM, WHNP, MS demonstrates excellence in the clinical supervision of graduate students." "Her quest to provide the very best care and her attention to clinical details add to the strength and success of the Program." I also work hard to facilitate a positive, collaborative relationship with physicians and other members of the health care team with whom I work. An email I sent to a consulting perinatologist in Oct 2011 thanking her for being so good to work with was followed by her email in return to me stating, "the feeling is mutual". 12/2011 - present .
  • Volunteer and Promoter: BCHC sponsored "Meet the Midwives" evening sessions - have attended 3 out of 4 meetings over this past year (was on vacation during 4th), gatherings that are designed to increase client satisfaction and to market our practice. 11/2011 - present .
  • Volunteer coordinator for BCHC marketing tool: Coordinated efforts to make aromatherapy spray bottles through BCHC volunteer; delivered supplies to volunteer and returned to BCHC. 09/2011 - present .
  • Volunteer: Staffed BCHC booth, and assisted with set-up/take down during 2 Saturday Farmer's Market shifts, 4 hours each, to help market our practice (July and Sept 2011). 07/2011 - present .

Patient/Client Satisfaction

  • MyChart message to me as care manager: "Thanks so much for your response and for following up. I haven't been able to come the the U clinics in several years because my insurance changed and I haven't had good care since I left. I'm so happy to come back and this interaction with you and Katie proves how superior the care is here. Thanks so much". 06/30/2015.
  • Thank you email from patient to me, care manager: "Thank you for your excellent follow up, as usual! Also, big thanks for taking care of my ___ refills....thanks again". 06/29/2015.
  • feedback from patient to faculty practice director, regarding care manager role: "I love the changes that have taken place in the practice, specifically Peggy as care manager. Now I feel that someone is closely following my health and I won't fall through the cracks". 11/2013.
  • thank you note from patient for pregnancy and intrapartum care given by me:"Thank yo uso much for all your care and kindness. You made my pregnancy journey a wondeful and easy experience, for which my whole family is grateful to you.". 05/2013.
  • patient thank you note, for pregnancy and intrapartum care provided by me: "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the way you treated my family and I the day I gave birth to my baby girl..the minute I found out you were tho ne on call I was so relieved..I realized you were doing your job but you also went above and beyond to answer and take seriously all of my questions and you were so clear and open on communicating everything that was happening..". 04/2013.
  • Excerpt from thank you note from patient: "Thank you for your care during my pregnancy. Your warm approach is very much appreciated". 12/2011.
  • Excerpt from thank you email from client, who is also a health care provider: "Thank you for your concern and always excellent care". "You are the best". 11/2011.
  • Email from BCHC colleague re: patient feedback after I cared for her during labor and birth: "Just wanted to let you know how pleased MJ was with her birth experience". "She, her mom, and her husband had nothing but wonderful things to say about your care and labor support.". 07/2011.
  • thank you note from patient: "Thank you for everything! We are so happy with the care we received...I feel you went above and beyond in helping get appointments and proper care..I am grateful for your professional knowledge and careful decision making when it came down to the end. I felt that we were in good hands the entire time..thank you for the important role you played. 02/2011.
  • Excerpts of letter of thanks written to BCHC by physician client: "Peggy Rosati Allen, who we had never met before our birth, used these words to describe her time with us: 'a pleasure', 'a privilege', and 'an honor'. Hearing these words after the birth of our beautiful baby girl made us believe that she wanted to be there to help us. Her words and actions showed us that she loves her work.....She rolled up her sleeves, augmented labor which had stalled...helped turn the baby to a favorable position for delivery by doing a number of maneuvers..We enjoyed the most memorable gentle birth I could imagine. Thank you Peggy!!". 05/2010.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in fostering in the students I teach a sense of responsibility and commitment to providing high quality, evidence-based, compassionate care through effective role modeling and supportive mentoring,  with a gradual increase in independence as the student demonstrates proficiency and competence as a beginning health care provider. 

Courses I Teach

  • NURS 7610 - Fall 2011 - Practicum I
    Clinical practicum for second year DNP students. Clinical faculty only

Clinical Teaching

Have continued to teach a variety of students (graduate and undergraduate nursing,  medical students, and first year OB resident physicians) in the clinical setting, both intrapartum and in ambulatory care. I continue to precept graduate nurse-midwifery and women's health nurse practitioner students during various stages of their education;  precepted a "sub-intern" medical student on labor and delivery during one call shift in October 2011; and have mentored several undergraduate nursing students interested in advanced practice nursing as they "shadowed" me in clinic.  Participated as BCHC faculty in the education of first year OB/GYN residents starting Fall 2012, precepting these residents in clinic and on labor and delivery (precepted 4 OB/GYN residents).

Small Group Teaching

  • Guest faculty discussion leader N7616, NMW Practicum IV seminar. Topic: Impact of the electronic medical record on the provider and our health care system. Assigned readings from the book "The Digital Doctor", wrote study questions, and led discussion during seminar.  10/09/2017  -  11/14/2017

Student Feedback

First year midwifery graduate student posted  the following Discussion Board posting about a recent clinical experience with me:

"I was with PA today and I love her"! "She is so efficient and a phenomenal teacher". "She has an incredible work ethic, she is very knowledgeable and is great with patients".....

Dr. Ann Deneris added in an email to me, in reference to this student's posting, "This is the typical feedback I get about you". 

Sept 2011