Tamara  Masters, Ph.D.
  • Director of Undergraduate Marketing Core, Marketing Department
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Marketing Department

Research Statement

Dr. Masters researchs consumer judgment and decision making influences and persuasion. She enjoys discovering how individuals justify indulgence, desire reward for effort, respond to inconsistency and are persuaded through their physiology and environmental cues. She uses multiple methods including field studies, biometrics (eye-tracking, EEG, HR, GSR), VR, machine learning text analysis and behavioral lab studies to tease apart the underlying process of effects she studies.

Research Keywords

  • consumer decision making, biometrics, persuasion, indulgence, environmental cues
  • NeuroPsychoEconomics


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Best Researcher Award

Nominated for "Best Researcher Award" for the International Resaerch Awards on Strategic Management and Business Strategy in March 2024.  This is based on my number and quality of pubs in the last couple years.


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