Tamara  Masters, Ph.D.
  • Director of Undergraduate Marketing Core, Marketing Department
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Marketing Department

Honors & Awards

  • Best Paper Award for “What Makes Health Data Privacy Calculus Unique? Separating Probability from Impact” for an international conference. We were notified Dec 2021 and received the award during the first week of Jan. I have noted only 2 of the countries participating in the conference. Researchers in IS, Econ and Marketing were represented. Readership of the papers is considered an A in IS academia with strong readership. International Conference on System Science, 01/06/2022
  • Best Paper nominee for “So Fun! How fun brand names affect forgiveness of hedonic and utilitarian products”. Authored with Shelly Rathee and Grace F Yu-Buck. International Conference on Business and Economics, 07/11/2019
  • AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, . 06/2011
  • Doctoral Student Teaching Excellence Award, David Eccles School of Business. 05/2010
  • National Telly Award Winner. 06/2000
  • Prism Award . 06/2000
  • Profiles in Healthcare Marketing, Nationally recognized for excellence in marketing, promotion and public relations. 12/1999
  • Prism Award . 06/1999

In the Media

  • Speaker in UofU Alumni series which was recorded and shared on the U PodCast as well. 11/15/2023.
  • 516 media hits for envy paper. 07/13/2023.
  • Plos Medical: Do privacy assurances work? a study of truthfulness in healthcare history data collection. 12/15/2022.
  • KSL News: Researchers say medical health privacy forms can lead to more lies and misdiagnosis. 11/25/2022. http://ct.moreover.com/?a=49348940473&p=1pl&v=1&x=...
  • Interviewed and aired by Fox News regarding Dr Patients lies research that was just published. 11/17/2022.
  • twitter - multiple exposures on Medical Express; Phys.org and Science X. 11/17/2022.
  • MedicalPress: How paperwork and less than truthful patients at the doctors office can lead to misdiagnosis. 11/17/2022. http://ct.moreover.com/?a=49348940473&p=1pl&v=1&x=...
  • FOX News interview and media story re early Christmas shopping and deals. 10/04/2022.
  • CNN article . 03/26/2022. https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/26/business/amazon-cou...
  • CNN, NBC, SLC Tribune, Medical Express, Tribune India, Business Standard, KSL, India Times and others. Regarding the Influence of Hero and Villain labels. 12/2018.
  • Times, NYTimes, WallStreet Journal, US News and World Report, Shape, Mens Fitness and approx 150 media outlets regarding my forthcoming JCR article re. bite size and consumption. 05/2012.

Professional Service

  • UofU. Role: Advisor and consultant. Help the UofU South Korea campus of global students. Help South Korea campus coordinator (Hak-Yoon Kim) get up to speed for BCOR 3040. Share syllabus, assignments and teaching strategy. 07/10/2023 - present
  • Undergrad Curriculum Committee - marketing. Role: Represent Marketing. Represent Marketing and ensure Marketing courses are available. 07/03/2023 - present
  • Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Role: Reviewer. Reviewer. 04/04/2023 - present
  • Journal of Marketing Communications. Role: Reviewer. Reviewer re neuromarketing and biometrics research. 12/26/2022 - present
  • Journal of Business Research (impact factor = 11.06 vs JCR I.f. = 7.33). Role: Reviewer. Peer reviewed journal Reviewer. 11/01/2022 - present
  • Academy of Marketing Science. Role: reviewer. Review papers- international academic organization. 10/03/2022 - present
  • SNSF - Swedish National Science Foundation Grant Reviewer. Role: Reviewer. Review grants in Consumer Behavior and Judgement and Decision Making. 10/01/2021 - present
  • American Marketing Association. Role: Reviewer. Reviewer for Summer and Winter Conferences - the conference draws academics and top industry Marketing leaders from around the world. 01/01/2021 - present
  • Association of Consumer Research. Role: Reviewer. Reviewer. 01/01/2021 - present
  • University of Utah Marketing. Role: Director. Make decisions on Course Petitions and work with Marketing Advisors. Created and executed Undergrad Marketing Student orientation and social. Developed marketing UG student plan. Share firm information with UG Marketing placement team. Review and made changes to Marketing website to clarify the major, requirements and show greater inclusion. 01/01/2021 - present
  • National Sales Network. Role: member. Member. 02/06/2019 - present
  • AMA conferences. Role: Reviewer. Review. 01/02/2017 - present
  • ACR. Role: Reviewer. Review. 01/01/2016 - present
  • American Marketing Association. Role: Reviewer. Conference Paper Reviewer. 02/02/2015 - present

Internal Service

  • Review and decide on each Course Petitions. Work with Marketing Academic Advisors. Developed marketing UG student plan. Share firm information with UG Marketing placement team. Review and made changes to Marketing website to clarify the major, requirements and show greater inclusion. Director, 02/01/2021 - present. Department service.
  • Marketing Undergrad development Created and executed Undergrad Marketing Student orientation and social including marketing student leaders to help new marketing students engage and become part of a cohort. Work to develop students that care about their major and participate in the AMA or sales club. Director of Marketing UG, 09/02/2019 - present. Department service.


  • Present for Business Scholars about becoming a Marketing Major. 04/22/2022 - present
  • Represent marketing and the Business School for News interviews, April, Oct . 03/01/2022 - present

Consult for Utah State Auditor

Consult for Utah State Auditors office for the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The project is to test the impact of the Parents Empowered Campaign to prevent and reduce underage drinking in the state of Utah.  Start 5/2022 ended 9/2022